‘Destiny: Rise Of Iron’ Crucible And Iron Banner Changes Detailed, Plus One Tease

The Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion will bring plenty of PVE content to the PlayStation and Xbox One shooter, as previously covered. The $30 package will also feature some new Crucible activities and changes as well. Bungie shared details of the all-new multiplayer mode, maps, and Iron Banner changes in the latest issue of Game Informer along with one tease.

Supremacy is the name of the new multiplayer mode packed in with Destiny: Rise of Iron. Veterans of other multiplayer games like Call of Duty will immediately recognize the similarity to modes like Kill Confirmed.

Destiny players will not get earn points toward a match’s score solely through getting kills. Instead, they will need to pick up a crest dropped by an enemy when dropped to earn points. The opposing team can also deny points by picking up the crest from fallen teammates themselves.

This forces tight combat situations as players will want to group up to pick up opposing crests while staying close enough to deny a teammate’s crests to the enemy. The danger is the Guardians Super abilities can quickly wipe out a team gathered too closely together.

Destiny (PS4, Xbox One)

“I really like that Supremacy changes the engagement ranges a lot,” Game Director Chis Barrett told Game Informer. “If you do take someone out from a distance, you have to close in to the score. There’s a lot of fun back and forth. It takes the core Crucible combat, which is really fun, and adds this new dynamic.”

Supremacy will be offered as a six-versus-six multiplayer mode when Destiny: Rise of Iron is released on September 20. This version of the mode will also be used as part of the monthly Iron Banner events, joining Control and Clash in the rotation.

Two other Supremacy variations will also be available in standard Crucible modes. Inferno Supremacy will drop the player radar in six-versus-six matches, and a Free-For-All option will also be available for a total of six players to go it alone against one another.

Iron Banner has constantly been tweaked by Bungie, and more are coming with the release of Rise of Iron. For starters, Lord Saladin or potentially another character will now set up shop in the Felwinter Peak social area during the monthly event.

Surprisingly, the Tempered Buff is being removed completely. This allowed Iron Banner players to gain progressively more reputation towards their Iron Banner ranks as the event progressed day by day. Bungie is instead making reaching rank five easier so players who can only play during the beginning of the week are not made to work harder than those who play at the end. The rank up bonus given to additional characters will remain, however, players will no longer be forced to equip Iron Banner Class Items to receive bonus reputation points.

Destiny Iron Banner (PlayStation, Xbox)

On the map front, three new medium-sized maps will be available for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 while a fourth will be a PS4 exclusive. The new maps are:

  • The Last Exit – Set inside a ruined Venus subway station with a connecting outdoor plaza, which leads to a cliff drop off in the ocean. The inside is filled with train tubes and tunnels for close-range combat while the plaza offers more long-range encounters.
  • Floating Gardens – Another map on Venus, this time set in a Vex shrine where time-traveling aliens go to recycle their bodies. A bridge features prominently in the interior of the shrine that can be used to dominate the map.
  • Skyline – This map moves the action to Mars with a broader look at the Buried City. The action takes place in the Clovis Bray research facility with an elevated rail car on one end of the map and a hologram of the Traveler and the planet located in a lobby at the center.
  • Icarus – The PlayStation exclusive map located on Mercury. Players will move around a mysterious structure located in a large crater array that attempts to funnel combatants to the center.

Bungie has not shared all the details on changes to armor and weapons rewards from Crucible and Iron Banner yet. Details on Trials of Osiris are non-existent as well. There are some specific new rewards that will be coming out of the different activities. For example, there will be Ornaments, no customization pieces for weapons and armor, which can only be obtained from reaching the Lighthouse in Trials.

The studio has another surprise up its sleeve that it takes the time to tease.

“Rise of Iron includes the introduction of a long-awaited feature our community has been clamoring for,” Crucible Design Lead Lars Bakken hinted.

What unknown feature do you think is coming with Destiny: Rise of Iron? Sound off in the comments below.

[Image via Bungie]