Kids Recreate ‘Real Housewives’ Scenes, And The Results Are Hilarious As ‘Real Housekids’

Sure, many of the women in the Real Housewives series can be called immature, but a new video from Mashable takes acting childish to a new level.

Mashable has now started a collaboration with Bravo to recreate scenes from the Real Housewives franchise with children playing the key roles. In this video, The Real Housewives of Atlanta is depicted with adorable and animated girls at their sassiest. The tantrums of the Housewives gets a new perspective when depicted by children in great costumes and spot-on wigs.

But sadly, when it comes to kids and Real Housewives, all things are not cheerful, according to the Inquisitr. The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Lauri Peterson has experienced what started as childish misbehavior turn into drug abuse and crime with son Josh Waring. Peterson’s son has been a heroin addict and has spent time in rehab, and now Waring is charged with attempted murder after shooting a man in what seems to be a drug dispute. RHOC, in particular, seems to have had its share of misbehaving children, as Lynne Curtin’s daughters thumbed their noses at the law on the show with their drinking, and daughter Alexa ended up working in porn.

People Magazine shared that these kids are purely “Gone with the Wind Fabulous” in portraying NeNe and friends of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Mashable has taken comedy to a new level by partnering with Bravo to create cheeky videos with kids in the RHOA roles.

In the opening scene, some gifted little ladies play Kenya Moore, NeNe Leakes, and Cynthia Bailey in the now infamous “Gone with the Wind Fabulous” scene. For the record, the girl who plays NeNe is pretty intense.

“Why you gotta be so nasty and so rude when you can be so fierce and so successful?”

Combine this with the twirls, the hand motions, and yes, the wigs, and it’s hard not to laugh.

Tubefilter says that Bravo and Mashable have combined to produce not just the video of kids reenacting the Real Housewives of Atlanta, but a four-part series across the calendar year 2016. The video of RHOA, in particular, depicts the extreme cattiness and childish behavior that often occurs when high strung women butt heads.

Tubefilter says that Mashable and Bravo have come up with a formula that seems to deliver every time.

“Take cute children, give them melodramatic lines to recite, and watch as they stumble, emote, and shout their way through the script. Here, the target is Real Housewives, which is chock-full of overblown moments that fit perfectly into the kid parody format.”

But in addition to the Real Housewives of Atlanta clip, Bravo is sharing a video of kids doing a dramatic scene from The Real Housewives of Orange County, where Heather and Terry throw a party to celebrate Heather officially becoming Heather Dubrow. It’s called “Bow-gate,” and it’s about “that girl Sarah” pulling a piece of a sugar bow off of the cake and eating it before the cake it served. Make sure you catch a peek at mini-Dr. Terry Dubrow at the end of the scene.

This video, in particular, has a number of little ladies who can’t yet pronounce their R’s, which makes it even more charming.

The child playing Tamra says, “She ate the bow off the cake, and they say I’m the one from the trailer park?”

Perhaps the funniest line delivered from the mouths of babes is “Sarah doesn’t have a sugar problem, she has an alcohol problem!”

Bravo and Mashable are promising to deliver at least two more videos bring the Housewives to life, complete with wigs and costumes.

Which Real Housewives scene do you hope that Bravo and Mashable will reenact?

[Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Image]