New Hints Reveal Chase McNary Could Be Next ‘Bachelor’

Chase McNary didn’t win the heart of JoJo Fletcher, but that doesn’t mean he won’t find love on reality television. There has been a lot of talk that Chase or Luke Pell could be cast as The Bachelor, but now it looks like Mike Fleiss is leaning toward putting Chase on the show. Hollywood Life shared that Fleiss gave a huge hint that Chase could be the one handing out the roses next season. So far, he hasn’t announced who will be The Bachelor.

Last night, a new show aired called Love at First Kiss, which was also produced by Mike Fleiss. The new shows airs on TLC each week, and Mike went to his Twitter to tell fans that a hint about the identity of the next Bachelor will be given on the debut of Love at First Kiss. He said, “There’s a clue as to who will be our new Bachelor on tonite’s premiere of our new show #LoveAtFirstKiss on TLC!!!” After that, Fleiss shared that the hint was pretty subtle.

There are a lot of reasons that it feels like Fleiss was saying that Chase McNary will be the next guy cast. The main one was the fact that there was a yoga date on the preview for the show. When JoJo Fletcher had her first date with Chase McNary, it was a yoga date that got them really close to each other. This may have been his hint about who will be cast next. It was kind of oddly thrown into the preview too because the rest of the things in it were all about people kissing. There were also a lot of V-neck shirts on The Bachelorette, and everyone knows Chase loves a good v-neck.

ET Online recently shared that Chase McNary and Luke Pell both stated that they are in talks to be The Bachelor next season. Pell shared that it was a possibility, and he would not pass on the show. It also sounds like if they asked Chase to do the show, he would say yes.

Chase did share that they had been talking to him about it. He said, “The discussions are there. But I don’t know — there’s a lot of weight there. There [are] a lot of expectations, and I’m not scared of it… but I definitely want to make the smart decision and the right decision before I totally accept that position.” Chase McNary went on to explain it would be a bit hard on him saying, “[As the Bachelor] you’re put in the microscope of America and that’s scary. I wasn’t exactly the most open guy about my feelings, and going into being the Bachelor … that’s something I would definitely have to work on.”

Mike Fleiss already shared that he thinks that they are both a good choice for the job. They will have to make a decision, but so far they are not even bringing up Robby Hayes’ name in discussions for the reality series. It should end up coming out pretty soon, but the new season won’t even air until January of 2017. Right now, fans are watching Bachelor in Paradise, and when it is over, it will be time for Dancing With the Stars.

Do you think that Mike Fleiss was hinting that Chase McNary would be the one handing out roses next? Do you feel like Chase would be great for the show? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise on Monday and Tuesday nights each week on ABC. This new season is going to be full of love connections you do not want to miss.

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