UFO Cover-Up? Uproar After NASA Announces Shutdown of ISS Live Stream for Good: NASA Is Trying To 'Hide Something From Us,' Conspiracy Theorists Say

JohnThomas Didymus

The UFO community is up in arms after an announcement by NASA that it is shutting down the International Space Station (ISS) live video feed for good. The decision has sparked uproar among members of the alien and UFO conspiracy theory community. UFO hunters are saying that NASA's decision to shut down the live feed permanently is last ditch effort to hide UFO evidence.

NASA announced in a statement published on its website on July 29 that it will begin phasing out its ISS live stream in August and discontinue it on September 1. The live stream has served as a prime source of "UFO evidence" for members of the online UFO community since it was introduced a few years back.

"NASA Television's Space Station Live program will be phased out in August and discontinued Sept. 1," NASA said in the statement published on its website.

The statement sparked a flurry of responses from UFO fans.

"This is b*** c**p. This only proves once again that NASA is trying to hide something from us."

"We own those cams," another UFO hunter said defiantly. "We paid for them. NASA tried this before and people complained and NASA was forced to put them back online."

But some conspiracy theorists claimed there was never a live feed because NASA was never really live streaming from space.

"NASA never has shown real live feed of space! There are no astronauts in space! Hubble is fake."

But other UFO fans argued that the motive behind NASA's latest move is clear, coming soon after a series of claims by UFO fans that they caught the agency covering up evidence of UFOs by shutting down the live stream.

The Inquisitr reported in July that alien hunters claimed to have stumbled upon a video recording of an astronaut using the term "gospel" as code word for aliens visiting the ISS to hold "exopolitical" meetings with astronauts.

Alien hunters also claimed in July that NASA interrupted live transmission after a golden UFO hundreds of miles long appeared on the feed.

The agency was also accused of cutting live transmission as an orb UFO approached the ISS to dock with it.

Earlier in January, 2015, a claim by UFO hunters that the agency cut the live feed as a grey UFO appeared went viral online. Similarly, in April, 2016, alien hunters claimed that the agency shut down live video transmission after cameras captured a horse-shoe shaped UFO approaching the ISS.

But NASA had repeatedly denied allegations that it was trying to hide UFO evidence by cutting the live stream. According to the agency, it never interrupts live transmission from the ISS to hide UFOs flying near the space station. Interruptions of video transmission are due to loss of signals.

But NASA's explanations were received with skepticism and alien hunters accused the agency of lying.

Several online bloggers have reacted to NASA's latest announcement.

"I can see why NASA would want to shut the live feed down," UFO hunter Scott C. Waring commented on his UFO Sightings Daily blog. "It is teaching the public that aliens exist, and if the public learns that, then NASA is no longer needed."

"Last time was two years ago, and I organized a group of readers to tweet to @NASA until they decided to leave the cams up. It worked, but now they are doing it again," he added.

"They [NASA] have decided to end the live feed from the International Space Station," he wrote. "The ending of this live feed is yet another example of why NASA is not to be trusted in telling us the truth. There is really no other reason to do this."

Some observed that NASA's decision to offer weekly highlights from space cameras would only further fuel conspiracy theory claims.

The agency announced it will be airing videos showing "inside the world of human spaceflight as never before, from the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas."

NASA will also "air live coverage of dynamic space station operations, including launches, dockings, landings, spacewalks and briefings."

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