Watch Serena Williams Teach You How To Twerk With Free Twerking Lessons [Videos]

Serena Williams wants to teach you how to twerk. For those who’ve always wanted to bounce their way into the twerking craze but didn’t know where to start, now’s your chance. The tennis champion made the video for Self that teaches important twerking dance moves like the “wind,” “basic shake,” and “transitioner.” In this video that’s getting a lot of attention online, Serena slowly teaches how to move from the warm up and basic steps to more advanced moves.

Although Serena Williams likes to twerk and shares her twerking expertise with others, don’t let that fool you. Serena knows there is a time and place for twerking.

When reading some of the comments on Serena Williams’ official twerking video, it’s clear that some of her fans were surprised, shocked, and even dismayed to see her twerking. Twerking is getting a bad rap, and the dance is much more than moves used at the club with the intent of a casual hook up and far predates Miley Cyrus’ twerking moves in videos and on stage. Here’s a video from Oxygen discussing the history of twerking in modern culture.

Science and studies are coming out showing that twerking is very beneficial to women’s health, as it activates the muscles in the pelvic region. Twerking strengthens the hips, glutes, and lower back, and it can help women build muscles in an area prone to weakness due to pregnancy, childbirth, and delivery.

ABC News took a close look at twerking and explains the science behind the exercise. In the article, it was stated that while twerking is a good workout, those who over-twerk could cause strain on the lower back. Those who are older or who have back issues should proceed with caution.

Twerking has become such a hot fitness trend that there are now twerking classes in gyms and health clubs across the United States.

Check out the video below for an example of a “Tone ‘n’ Twerk” class.

Serena Williams’ tutorial breaks down twerking in three simple moves that should make it easy for others to follow along. Notice how she says in the video that everyone should, at some point, do a twerk. The jury is still out on whether seniors should twerk or not. Some senior citizens have tried it, and many have reacted with criticism against the popular dance style. When it comes to twerking and advanced age, it definitely seems that twerking is a matter of personal choice and preference. Some are open to twerking and others aren’t.

Check out this video from the Fine Brothers that features senior citizens reacting to twerking.

What do you think? Should everyone try twerking at least once in life?

Serena Williams’ free twerking lessons should leave you feeling a bit more confident in your abilities. You might even test out a dance, shake or booty pop next time you’re at the club.If you still feel like you need more in-depth twerking instruction, check out Keaira LaShae, who teaches dance on YouTube. She teaches a combination of popular dance moves including twerking, body rolls, and booty popping.

You can find more dance lessons from Kearia LaShae in the playlist below.

After all these twerking lessons, you might feel that you could twerk with the reigning queen of bounce, Big Freedia. Bounce music is essentially twerking on steroids. It developed in New Orleans, and there is a huge cultural impact behind bounce dance and bounce music. Beyonce’s controversial video “Formation” drew heavy elements from the bounce documentary That B.E.A.T. While some said Beyonce borrowed from the documentary, others felt that she outright stole from it reports, Huck Magazine.

You can see the documentary That B.E.A.T. below and judge for yourself whether Beyonce drew from the documentary. Bounce music is prevalent throughout New Orleans, and the documentary provides an in-depth look at this cultural phenomenon for those who are interested in twerking.

Are you going to take advantage of Selena Williams’ free twerking lessons and learn how to twerk?

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