Lauri Peterson Accused Of Using Son For ‘RHOC’ Ratings: Ignoring Son In Prison?

Lauri Peterson may have been shocked to learn that her son, Josh Waring, had gotten himself into some serious trouble a few weeks ago. Over the summer, Josh was arrested for shooting another man. The man survived, and Waring was charged with attempted murder. He’s been locked up since the shooting, and Lauri is rumored to be keeping her distance from her son.

For years, Peterson tried to help her son, something that was documented on The Real Housewives of Orange County. For a period of time, things appeared to be going well for him, as he got married and had a child.

According to a new Radar Online report, Lauri Peterson hasn’t said anything about her son to the public, but many sources say that she’s not happy with him these days. She’s very shocked and disappointed that his troubles took him this far, and a source reveals that she hasn’t visited her son in prison. He’s currently awaiting trial and facing a handful of charges related to the shooting.

Josh Waring “was a troubled child and he was trotted out by reality TV. He was used as a dancing bear,” an insider has revealed about Lauri Peterson’s relationship with her son, adding that she doesn’t want to talk to him unless there’s a camera crew present.

Over the summer, Josh was arrested after shooting a man. He was arrested for attempted murder, and he’s now facing several charges. The insider has revealed that Lauri has no interest in talking to her son while he’s behind bars. She hasn’t said anything about her son’s situation in public, but her daughter has revealed that the family is sticking together.

Over the past several years, Peterson has tried to get her son help, including putting him in a rehab center. In addition, she also left The Real Housewives of Orange County during her third season to focus on her son. Sadly, the source doesn’t think she left the show to focus on her son.

“To say she quit the show to help him to get through his heroin addiction is heinous beyond belief,” the source continued, according to Radar Online. “Lauri is not returning his calls and she has visited him in prison just once. His dad has sent him money and not a dime from Lauri.”

Peterson hasn’t expressed an interest in returning to The Real Housewives of Orange County, and she may not now, knowing that her co-stars could use her son’s actions against her. Plus, she does have children of her own, plus step-children, who she may want to protect from public opinion.

“All Lauri could say was, ‘How could you have done this! It’s humiliating, your childhood was not this bad,'” the insider revealed, according to Radar Online, adding, “Basically, she is saying Joshua is an embarrassment.”

Of course, the source’s comments could be false, and Lauri Peterson could have visited her son without letting the public know about it. It does seem odd to make the accusation that she doesn’t want anything to do with her son, as she hasn’t filmed for Bravo for years.

According to an older Radar Online report, it isn’t just Lauri who has problems with her son. His wife, Hannah Waring, filed for an annulment or dissolution of their seven-month marriage due to his drug use. She filed documents to get a restraining order, as she feared for her life. While things did get better for a while, he was spending time at a half-way house when he shot the man in the stomach.

Do you think Lauri Peterson has talked to her son behind bars? Do you think she’s keeping her distance or doing what she can for him as he awaits trial?

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