Duggar Son-In-Law Ben Seewald: We Don’t Need A Republican

The Duggar family is pretty open about their religious beliefs influencing their political stances, so son-in-law Ben Seewald’s announcement that America doesn’t need a Republican is a little surprising. Viewers have questioned whether Jim Bob Duggar and his offspring support Donald Trump, and perhaps this is the answer.

The Duggar family has made it very clear that their religious beliefs press them to support Republican candidates, but Tump isn’t much like most of the candidates they’ve supported.

Josh Duggar and the rest of Ben Seewald’s in-laws have been very supportive of Mike Huckabee (who has returned the favor).

However, Huckabee has been very clear about his conservative Christian beliefs, where Trump’s religious beliefs have been consistently questioned. Voters have even questioned whether the reality star and business mogul-turned-politician even knows one Bible verse.

Refusing to talk about a favorite Bible verse doesn’t sound much like most of the politicians the Duggar family has supported.

Still, it’s hard to imagine a Duggar (or Duggar by marriage, like Seewald) voting for a Democrat, and Donald Trump is the Republican nominee. Politicians and pastors the Duggar family support have even spoken in favor of Trump — Huckabee himself says Trump is America’s “only hope.”

Ronnie Floyd, of Cross Church, which the Duggar family is connected to, hasn’t directly endorsed Trump himself but has shared opinions calling him the moral choice.

But the Duggar family has not offered any public support for Trump, and Ben Seewald, husband to Duggar daughter Jessa, has spoken against some of Trump’s stances. For instance, one of Trump’s most frequent speaking points is that America is too politically correct. Seewald opposed this in June, saying that it’s wrong to respond by being rude and closed-minded.

Duggar son-in-law Ben Seewald: Make America Great Again

So maybe Ben’s not a Trump supporter?

Ben’s latest video supports that notion — in 27 seconds, Seewald does not mention Trump by name but calls him by his campaign slogan.

“Make America great again? America needs something greater than the Republican party or the Democratic party have to offer. No man other than the God-man, Jesus Christ, can ever make a nation truly great.”

Seewald showed his interest in sharing religious beliefs through rap when he and rapper Flame joined up on the Duggar reality show, Jill & Jessa: Counting On.

(Duggar) Ben Seewald raps for God

Now in his own video, he expresses disdain for the idea that anything can be fixed with politics.

He closes the video by saying, “We don’t need a Republican. We need a revival.”

Seewald has been less vocal than his in-laws about supporting specific candidates, styling himself as a preacher rather than a political activist. Ben is more fond of posting sermons on the Seewald Family blog or tweeting interviews with others about religious beliefs.

The Duggar family hasn’t really expressed support for a specific candidate in the 2016 presidential race since Mike Huckabee dropped out, but Ben Seewald is making it clear that he, at least, doesn’t fully support the Republican nominee.

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