‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Engaged Couples Exposed, Reality Steve’s Teasers Seemingly Confirmed

Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise has just started airing, and spoilers have already teased that there will be multiple engagements in place by the time the finale wraps. Gossip guru Reality Steve has already doled out the scoop on which contestants end up together and engaged, but he has now posted several tweets seemingly confirming his earlier spoilers. It looks like social media posts and eagle-eyed fans have revealed some juicy scoop that people will not want to miss.

As was reported earlier by the Inquisitr, Reality Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that during the Season 3 finale, three couples will get engaged. While these combinations have viewers buzzing over whether the pairs will really last for long, it seems that all three are still together at this point. For those who were doubting the validity of Steve’s teasers, it would appear that each of the three couples essentially outed themselves within the past few days.

TMZ was the first to share one of these exposures, as they posted photos of Grant Kemp and Lace Morris hanging out together at an apartment complex pool in Denver, Colorado, just before the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise. According to the site’s sources, Grant and Lace were very flirty as they hung out with friends in the area where she lives.

As Reality Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers had previously detailed, Grant, who is from JoJo Fletcher’s Bachelorette season, and Lace, from Ben Higgins’ journey, got engaged during filming in Mexico. Fans may be skeptical about how long this relationship will last, but sources say that Morris is planning to move to Los Angeles after the show to be with Kemp, and obviously they’re enjoying time together now as they wait for the opportunity to truly go public.

As it happens, Grant and Lace aren’t the only couple who was spotted together before they were supposed to be seen. Reality Steve’s spoilers shared a photo via Twitter that a follower sent him that puts another reportedly-engaged pair together as of a few days ago.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton are also engaged thanks to the show, and they were spotted together at a Target earlier in the week. While Josh has not shown up on the series yet, he is added soon and teasers reveal that he steals yet another gal away from Nick Viall thanks to his pursuit of Amanda, much like what happened during Andi Dorfman’s Bachelorette journey.

The third engaged couple was also just busted, but their slip is quite a bit less obvious. As Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers detail, Carly Waddell and Evan Bass also get engaged in this summer’s finale. Carly recently posted about Hello Fresh to her Instagram page, and Evan had previously posted some photos of his place to Instagram. When the two photos are placed side-by-side, it is obvious that they are the same place. Bass, who was also one of JoJo’s suitors, has since deleted his post, but Reality Steve had already shared a screenshot that he was given.

While the final couples from the main franchise seasons are strictly controlled in terms of contact until their last show airs, Bachelor in Paradise couples seemingly don’t face the same level of restrictions. However, they certainly are not supposed to be caught together before the season finale airs and for all three to make snafus like this is pretty juicy. The good news for fans, at least, is that all three couples do seem to still be together at this point.

Will Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton, Grant Kemp and Lace Morris, or Carly Waddell and Evan Bass be able to make their engagements last and eventually walk down the aisle? Are these relationships genuine or just for brand-building and promotional opportunities? Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that this will be a wild summer of fun and viewers cannot wait to see how things turn out for these three rumored couples.

[Image via Bachelor in Paradise/Instagram]