Johnny Depp Dates 'Hot' Young Gal Pal Amid Amber Heard Divorce & Abuse Drama

Joanne Eglash

Johnny Depp has been involved in an ongoing legal battle with Amber Heard after she filed for divorce from him and accused him of abusing her during their relationship. But Depp apparently isn't planning to spend his nights alone and was recently seen with a "hot" young mystery woman amid the ongoing drama with Heard, according to OK! magazine's sources.

Even though his divorce situation remains volatile, the insiders revealed that Johnny has been spotted with the mystery gal pal at every stop on his tour with his band, which calls itself the Hollywood Vampires.

"Johnny's been in a great mood since he started seeing this girl," revealed one of the insiders.

"[The mystery woman is] a hot young thing in her mid to late twenties."

Moreover, Depp isn't hesitating to refer to the new woman in his life as his girlfriend, which supposedly signals a romantic relationship that isn't just a casual fling.

"[Johnny is] telling people she's his girlfriend," clarified one of the sources. "It's definitely more than a casual thing."

This isn't the first time that Depp has been linked to another woman since Amber filed for divorce from him. He also was spotted getting up close and personal with a brunette at a bar in June.

As for how those in Johnny's inner circle feel about his situation, they have some worries. The actor/rocker is described as having "calmed down a lot" since he hooked up with his new gal pal. But his friends are concerned that it might be a rebound romance amid Depp's preparation for battling Amber.

"This girl seems like she has good intentions," noted one of the insiders.

Despite that positive sign, Johnny's buddies are aware that he has a pattern of "falling pretty hard very quickly." Depp allegedly became enamored with Amber when they worked on The Rum Diary as co-stars, with the instant love occurring on the heels of his breakup with Vanessa Paradis.

While Johnny reportedly parties with his new gal pal, he faces the next phase of his volatile divorce and abuse allegations legal battle against Heard. Although Amber has been in London, TMZ reports that she will return for her deposition, which is scheduled for Saturday at 10 in the morning.

Adding to the drama: Depp may be observing her deposition. Heard reportedly is fully prepared for the court battle, which will involve questions from Johnny's attorneys about her allegations that he attacked her physically.

The court questioning might require Amber to stick it out for as long as seven hours. Heard could face questions that will require her to explain why police and some witnesses allege that she appeared uninjured. In addition, there were no signs of damage, such as broken items, in the Los Angeles loft that they shared.

Amber currently has a temporary restraining order against Depp. Because of that, both her team and Johnny's team would need to agree to his presence at the deposition. And the burden of proof does not just rest on Heard.

Depp also will have to go through a deposition, which is scheduled for next week. There is the potential for a fast settlement because dialogues about settling have been taking place.

However, the Daily Mail reports that Amber feels her estranged husband has been deliberately delaying their divorce. She followed up on her contention by filing court documents that attack Johnny for not providing financial information necessary to finalize the situation.

Depp has required that his wife sign a non-disclosure pact in order to receive the financial details, which makes Amber suspicious that it's part of his plot to stonewall.

Heard and Johnny were together as a married couple for 15 months. The legal war began after she filed for divorce in May. Amber received the temporary restraining order against Depp following her allegation that he attacked her with an iPhone, causing bruises. She also alleged that he was "verbally and physically abusive" throughout their time together.

Heard most recently was seen on the town with a billionaire, Elon Musk, and the cast of Suicide Squad cast, including Cara Delevingne.

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