‘Big Brother18’ Spoilers: A Surprise Vote Could Save Da’Vonne And Send Chaos Into The House

Big Brother 18 has been a rollercoaster this summer. Alliances have been formed, broken down, and new ones put in their place. Players who were once tight have now turned their backs on each other.

Heading into tonight’s eviction, there is a lot that could happen. While it was initially the plan to get Da’Vonne evicted by using the “back door” method, some contestants are considering sending Bridgette home instead. In Big Brother, you always have to expect the unexpected.

Since Paul is the reigning HOH (Head of Household), this was his plan of attack. He has worked alone for most of the game, only really talking to Jozea and Victor. Initially, the nominations were Bridgette and Paulie. Since Paulie was able to snag the POV (Power of Veto) win, Paul’s Big Brother back door plan came to fruition. Da’Vonne is now on the block and in danger of being evicted tonight. Paul believes the house is on board, but after what was said on the live feeds last night, things may change.

Da’Vonne, Frank, James, and Nicole were all supposed to stick together as veterans coming into the Big Brother house. That only lasted a short amount of time before they decided to break off into their own little pairs. Frank decided to turn against his alliance and trusted only Bridgette, which ultimately sent him out of the Big Brother house.

According to Big Brother Leak, James and Natalie are starting to doubt sending Da’Vonne out of the house. Last night, the two were discussing how she deserves to be there over some of the others in the house. If they could convince some of their other alliance members to flip the vote, Bridgette could easily be walking out of the Big Brother house tonight. Things change moment to moment in the house, and a surprise eviction has happened several times in the 18 seasons the game has been played. If Da’Vonne ends up staying, Paul and his little crew will be paying a huge price for trying to be sneaky.

Some of the contestants are thinking that tonight is a double eviction. They were given alcohol last night and celebrated making it halfway through the Big Brother game. This is the point when things get interesting in the house. People begin to fend for themselves only, and if the people they are aligned with make it through to the next week, even better.

Since Paul cannot compete in the HOH tonight, it will be a huge battle for the power. Each side wants to keep their team safe, and if one of the guys like Paulie or Victor win, anything could happen. James or Natalie would be the safe bet for winning, though it is unlikely she could pull that off. Tonight is an important competition for the HOH as the Big Brother jury will soon be put together.

Michelle is worried that people watching Big Brother will consider her a bully. She has been incredibly mean to some of the others. If you aren’t liked while on the show, the whole world knows about you. Big Brother can either make you into an overnight sensation or a total outcast. Aaryn Gries was definitely one who didn’t fare so well after leaving the Big Brother house. Michelle doesn’t want that to happen to her. Right now, she is still voting to keep Bridgette even though she has been close to Da’Vonne and the other girls.

Anything can change in the hours leading up to the Big Brother eviction tonight. If James and Natalie campaign to save their friend, they may be able to flip the house. If that happens, it will be utter chaos when the new HOH is crowned tonight. Big Brother is always unpredictable, and that is what draws fans in each and every week.

[Image via CBS]