We Uncovered Two Exciting Secrets Of The Xbox One S—Looks Like It’s Upgrade Time

Not sure about getting an Xbox One S? These two gems hidden inside the Xbox One S unit might help you decide.

When Microsoft announced the Xbox One S at the E3 2016, fans weren’t too sure if it was exactly a great idea to release an upgrade too soon. But with the new PlayStation unit that is able to support 4K, Xbox One had no choice but release their own 4K gaming unit.

Now that August 2 has rolled by and the Xbox One S has been finally released to the market, it seems more gamers are actually interested in the upgrade than we anticipated. In fact, Xbox and Microsoft stores, alongside many U.K. retailers including Amazon and GAME, have already run out of stock of the Xbox One S.

Still reluctant about getting your own Xbox One S if you still have an Xbox One sitting on your couch? We found two exciting secrets of the Xbox One S that might finally make you say yes.

Daily Star UK reports that there is a secret performance boost in the Xbox One Slim that Microsoft has not publicly announced. Reports are saying that older Xbox titles such as Project CARS, the recent Resident Evil 5 remaster, and HITMAN 2016 are just some of the titles which have been confirmed to play better on the Xbox One S compared to the older Xbox One (now it feels weird following the word “older” with Xbox One).

It’s been discovered that if you run some older titles on the Xbox One S with unlocked frame rates or dynamic resolution, you will notice a boost of as much as nine frames per second. While 9 FPS isn’t much, a boost is still a boost and it makes a difference when you’re playing an online multiplayer first person shooter and you’re running at 9 FPS better than your opponent.

If you’re wondering why Microsoft isn’t flaunting this tidbit about the Xbox One S to the gaming community, it’s because the percentage of the games affected by the boost in performance isn’t all that groundbreaking. In fact, a recent statement from Microsoft confirmed that internal testing for the Xbox One S found the performance boost to be too minor to be considered as a major selling point. Microsoft did not want to make Xbox One fans too excited about the upgrade only to let them down.

But an upgrade is still an upgrade, and we’ll keep you posted on which Xbox One games we will find to be getting the performance boost on the Xbox One S.

The other hidden gem tucked away in the Xbox One S is quite quirky. The secret was already hinted by Xbox’ Mike Ybarra in a tweet yesterday, but it can only take us so long to find out what Microsoft has hidden inside the Xbox One S.

With people already tearing apart the Xbox One Slim to find out what lurks inside the new Xbox console, iFixit finds an Easter egg etched into the optical disc drive bracket of the Xbox One S.

If you open your Xbox One S, you will find the words “Xbox One” and a small cartoonish Master Chief on the optical disc drive. Master Chief is one of the most memorable and famous characters from the Xbox-exclusive franchise, Halo.

Do you want to see Master Chief for yourself? Better check out iFixit’s photos of the teardown instead of ripping your Xbox One S unit apart because cracking open your new Xbox One S could invalidate the warranty.

[Image via Microsoft]