WWE News: Seth Rollins Reveals What Happened To Roman Reigns After His Suspension

For many years, John Cena was the most controversial figure in professional wrestling. The 15-time WWE champion was put in the best position possible and always remained safe in the eyes of WWE officials. He rarely got pinned clean, and when he did, it was a big moment for WWE fans everywhere. The last 12 years were Cena’s to dominate. As far as ratings, house show results and pop culture connection, there may not be anyone better than Cena.

Since he’s taking a step back and letting the younger guys take over the show, there’s a new controversial name in town. Roman Reigns is a three-time WWE champion before he even hits the age of 30. His likeness was universally admired by women and children. When he was with the Shield, Reigns was a favorite of all the fans. He was the muscle of the stable and provided the WWE with some great moments when they would tag together.

The Shield returns

Currently, that isn’t quite the case. He was “shoved down the fan’s throats” by WWE management, and the audience immediately got a sour taste in their mouths. Like it says above, Reigns had fans, but the majority didn’t want to see him win. They wanted Seth Rollins or Dean Ambrose to have the spotlight instead. Both men did get the spotlight recently, but it was at the cost of Reigns falling down the proverbial ladder. It all began with his 30-day suspension.

Aside from WWE officials, Vince McMahon especially, being very mad at Reigns, he had a locker room to address when it happened. Reigns is supposed to be the standard bearer in the WWE with his look and work ethic. A lot of rumors flew around about his “apology” backstage. Seth Rollins cleared the air in a recent interview about what happened after Roman Reigns’ suspension backstage.

“No no no, that’s misunderstood. Roman addressed the locker room, just as a locker room leader, he was a guy who wanted to talk about the situation. That was not a Wrestler’s Court situation at all. The Wrestler’s Court is more of a lighthearted affair, this was strictly a professional thing between him and the company.”

Being a locker room leader is a big responsibility. As Rollins alludes to in the above statement, Wrestler’s Court isn’t nearly as big as it used to be with the Undertaker. In a recent article by the Inquisitr, they go more in-depth on that notion, and why it’s an important fact backstage. Reigns’ situation was cleared, and now they have to move on. More importantly, WWE fans must move on. A lot of hypocrisy is also going on at the same time.

His new nickname, feud, and attitude mean that Roman Reigns is headed in a different direction. It’s more important than a lot of WWE fans realized after the disaster the WWE faced with his failed push, and a new start was necessary. Now, he’s going to face Rusev at SummerSlam for the United States championship. At least, they are doing something new with him. After losing to Finn Balor, they needed to find something different for him to do.

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Their match will physical, and those two haven’t really met before with big circumstances on the line. Roman Reigns and Rusev will do battle in a few weeks, but the result of that match will tell the tale as to where Reigns is going in the future.

The three-time WWE champion was pushed to the moon and back. Now, he’s back down to the upper mid-card. This shouldn’t be the only match between the behemoths, but seeing as Reigns put Rusev in his place on WWE Raw could lead to Reigns becoming a United States Champion.

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