Tamra Judge Catches Vicki Gunvalson In A Lie: Did Lies Ruin This ‘RHOC’ Friendship?

Tamra Judge decided to forgive Vicki Gunvalson during Kelly Dodd’s beach party, as Gunvalson really wanted to sit down with Tamra and explain her situation. Judge really wanted to understand if she knew that Brooks Ayers had faked his medical records and possibly lied about having cancer. While she didn’t get an answer from her friend, she did get enough information to accept her apology and move on. But it sounds like Judge may be questioning whether it was the right decision, as she managed to catch Gunvalson in a lie just weeks after the apology.

According to a new Bravo report, Tamra Judge is now revealing that her co-star seems to lie a bit when it comes to her own behavior. Luckily, the Bravo cameras managed to capture the conversation that Vicki lied about. During the 1970s party that Shannon Beador hosted for everyone, Gunvalson claimed that she was just talking to a man when David Beador decided to attack her for lying about Brooks’ cancer. However, the footage shows that she is provoking David, and she gets right in his face.

“It was nice to be able to go over and talk like old times. Recapping the night after the ’70s party…it was all so crazy. When Vicki started talking about David I asked her if she provoked him in any way. David is not the kind of guy to make a scene. She said, “No, I was talking to his friend and he didn’t like that.” Now watching, she clearly was not telling the truth. Watching it a second time, I see Vicki got in David’s face and continued to push him. Not saying David was justified, just saying Vicki is not so innocent,” Tamra Judge writes on her blog for The Real Housewives of Orange County, according to Bravo.

Judge has previously revealed that her co-star does something else later this season that simply ruins their entire friendship. It’s uncertain whether this action is caught on cameras, but one can imagine it will surface during the reunion. Even though they get along these days on the show, things will change between them, as Tamra has slammed Gunvalson in the press, saying that they are no longer friends and she made a mistake forgiving her.

Even though Gunvalson lied about what went down during the 1970s party, Tamra Judge did help stir the pot when it came to the drama surrounding Kelly Dodd. As soon as she heard some ladies talking about her friends, she went straight to them to tell them about it. This resulted in a huge blowout fight between Kelly and Shannon. On Monday’s episode, Dodd decided to extend an invitation to talk to Shannon, but things didn’t exactly go well, according to People.

“The girls just seemed to go back and forth and I’m not sure much was fixed. Shannon assured her that she did not set her up, but Kelly was not believing it. The part that I didn’t understand is when Kelly called Shannon racist because Shannon said she was dressed like an Indian??? Then put words in Shannon’s mouth by saying, ‘So you’re insinuating Indians are ugly?’ Shannon never said anything like that. Kelly was dressed more like Pocahontas. That’s NOT ’70s and that’s how I took it,” Tamra Judge explains on her blog for Bravo.

It is clear that Judge is siding with Shannon in this fight, as she doesn’t quite understand why Kelly is so aggressive.

What do you think of Tamra Judge’s comments about Vicki Gunvalson? Do you think Vicki lied about what happened with David Beador? What do you think she did to make Judge question their friendship once and for all?

[Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images]