London Stabbing Spree In Russell Square Leaves One American Woman Dead, No Links To ISIS Reported

A recent London stabbing spree has left one American woman dead, and there is no evidence at this time that the man behind the knife had any affiliations with a terrorist group. The man is of Norwegian-Somali descent, but authorities have ruled out ISIS being behind this “Jack the Ripper” style attack in Russell Square.

In recent years, ISIS has claimed several attacks as their agenda. In Paris, a series of bombings and shootings were allegedly done by said radicals as the world mourned such a massive loss in one of the world’s most famous cities. Another attack happened in Orlando, Florida, as a man yelled a common Islamic radical phrase around the same time he opened fire on a dance club. ISIS has claimed to be responsible for many attacks around the world, but it seems they weren’t behind the London stabbing spree this past week.

The London stabber was reported to be 19-years-old and had alleged mental health problems, which may have contributed to his aggravated killing of a woman in her 60s. He had allegedly stayed silent before police arrived on the scene and tased him. One witness claims to have tried to console the woman, using towels to stop the bleeding. He says the woman had managed to say “He’s still here” twice while she was still lucid.

The witness said he looked up and saw a man wandering around.

A Spanish good Samaritan flagged down a bicyclist on his way home from work and had the man call the police. What the Spanish man saw in the aftermath of the London stabbing spree disturbed him.

“They said that when he stabbed the people he didn’t shout or scream anything. I saw a white woman slumped against the railings with injuries and she was being helped by a young Spanish girl who looked around 16 years old.

“She had been stabbed in the back several times, and I called 999. An Englishman, in his mid-40s, had been stabbed in the ribs under his left armpit. He said, ‘I’m OK, I’m OK, please help the woman,’ but I don’t think he realized he was so seriously injured. I ran across the street to a bar to call for help.

“The attacker was apparently stabbing and waving his knife at random – making a lunge in towards people’s legs. The victim wasn’t with anyone, she was on her own.”

Six people in total were victims of the London stabbing spree: three men and two women in total, of British, Israeli, and Australian citizenship, as well as the American woman who had died of her injuries. Three have been released from the hospital.

This attack came shortly after London authorities had told citizens to be extra vigilant toward possible ISIS activity. On July 7, a bus bombing had been linked to the terrorist group, spawning the vigilance with which the public reacted to the London stabbing spree.

Another witness, 21-year-old Ellie Cattle, had been staying in a hotel near the attacks when she says she’d heard what happened.

“[Police were yelling] ‘Put it down, put it down!’ Then I heard what sounded like a gunshot, but it must have been the [taser]. After that they just stopped shouting. I didn’t hear any screams from anyone.”

Authorities maintain that the London stabbing spree was not an act of terror, that it was spontaneous and random. It was most likely a result of the man’s alleged mental health problems being triggered.

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