‘Pokemon GO’ Game Files Reveal Capture Rates, Scan Times Increased

The Pokemon GO game has gone through some significant changes including not allowing third party software and site usage that Niantic would see as cheating methods. Now, scan times for the Pokemon have increased from five to 10 seconds and capture rates have been determined.

Capture Rates Remain The Same

Reddit users had weeded through the game’s files and came across base capture rate percentages with the associated creatures. This determines a trainer’s chances of capture in the game and whether it is feasible to use the appropriate tools to make the encounter helpful.

The formula used to determine the capture rate remains constant before and after the Pokemon GO update, regardless of the difficulty to capture the creatures since the game was patched.

Capture Rate = 0.5 * Base Capture Rate / CpM.

A video clip at Tech Insider showed the percentage represents how easy or hard it is to capture a Pokemon GO creature on the first throw. A reading of the creatures listed shows that the easiest Pokemon to capture is the Magikarp at 56 percent, Oddish is the second easiest at 48 percent, followed by Caterpie, Weedle, Pidgey, and Rattata at 40 percent. Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, Mewtwo, and Mew have a 0 percent base capture rate meaning it may be given away.

The Pokemon GO game’s most difficult creatures to capture are the Venusaur, Dragonite, Charizard, and Blastoise, who are all listed at four percent. The chart on Reddit gives a table of information on all the creatures in the game.

There are also other factors that come into play when taking on a Pokemon, including their level, throwing accuracy, and their ability to flee. Since the update, they tend to be more active by jumping up and down. So attempting a throw at a moving target can be challenging.

To increase capture chances in your favor, a Pokemon GO trainer can feed them Razz Berries. Reddit mentioned a 1.5 multiplier that assists in the game’s formula for the catch rate.

The main Pokemon GO Reddit thread poster, The_Desert_Rain, is still looking for information from others in regards to the formula for Great Balls and Ultra Balls. The results for the poster were inconclusive.

Scan Times Have Increased

Since the Pokemon GO game update, it has been difficult to capture these creatures. The flee rate has increased, and the refresh or scan rate for a Pokemon appearance had been raised from five to 10 seconds. When the game first came out, it was only one second, and then, it was quickly updated to five, according to iDigital Times.

“That means whenever you use the app and move to a new spot, it takes 10 seconds for it to search for any Pokémon.”

An update by a Reddit user indicated the refresh is now back down to five seconds, but there is an issue regarding the lack of Pokemon when scanning.

“Min scan refresh is now back to 5s! But now there aren’t ANY Pokemon showing up when I scan. According to others, it looks like something with the MapObjects changed in the API. Also I’ve had a few questions about my scanning app PokeSensor, so you can find all the info about it at the official thread.”

Theories Regarding Niantic’s Change

Pokemon Go Reddit users have come up with their theories on these updates. Some surmised that it’s to deter the third party tools that assist the users. Others think it’s to help decrease game server load. That said, the ping time to the servers indicates Niantic’s processing power is being pushed to the limit.

If you use an incense on #PokemonGO, makes sure to walk around for more #Pokemon to spawn#PokemonGoTipspic.twitter.com/Z8WoinmtSO

— #PokemonGo (@CaliPokemonGo) July 17, 2016

Although the company frowns upon third party game applications, there are still helpful tools out there that haven’t been met with the company’s smack down. FastPokeMap and Pokefind are mentioned by iDigital Times as the best trackers out there as of this moment for Pokemon GO, but who knows when they’ll be banned.t.

Just like with any game, Pokemon GO isn’t immune to bugs and complaints from the community.

[Photo by Olivia Harris /Getty Images]