‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Claudette Faces The Other Man From Her Past, Griffin’s Shocked Face Reveals More Drama Ahead

Ever since Claudette showed up on General Hospital, there has been tons of trouble for Maxie and Nathan, including trust issues. Now that the ex-wife has just discovered that someone else from her past has been living in Port Charles as well, there is bound to be a lot more drama ahead.

Claudette came face-to-face with Griffin Munro on Wednesday. He is the man who was the center of all the chaos between her and Nathan West when they were married. Now, all three of them are together in the same town. Griffin was shocked when he walked into the exam room at the hospital, and there sat Claudette. She was very happy to see him but according to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Griffin will not return the favor and may reject her affections.

Those two had an affair while she was married to Nathan West, and when he caught them together, he fired his gun while drunk and shot Griffin. Nathan never found out who it was he shot as Claudette covered it all up and then their marriage ended. Now, he is engaged to Maxie Jones and his ex has come to town to cause trouble between them. Will that all change now that she has seen Griffin Munro? While General Hospital fans may have thought that the former Mrs. West was still in love with Nathan, it may be that she is actually in love with Griffin.

Now General Hospital viewers will have to see just how long it will take before the two men confront each other about the incident that happened years ago. Griffin already knows who Nathan is and has kept quiet about it. The PCPD cop has no idea that the man he shot has been right in front of him this whole time and has also befriended his fiancé Maxie. Will Claudette keep quiet, or is her goal to make sure that Nathan pays for what he did? If she is only in town to cause trouble, this would be the way to do it.

Griffin just wants to live a quiet life as a doctor at General Hospital helping people. He is also a priest, which puts a damper into the whole scenario. It was obvious on Wednesday’s episode that she still pines for the guy as she had his picture on her phone. Of course, she also had her and Nathan’s wedding photo that she carried around with her, so she could be in love with both men. She may also just want revenge on Nathan because of what he did to Griffin.

This whole scenario will definitely put a damper on Nathan’s future with Maxie. After he brought Claudette to the hospital to get her knee checked out, he ended up asking Maxie to marry him right away. According to Thursday spoilers posted by Soaps She Knows, Nathan will make a plea to his girl to trust him, and the couple will be making an announcement concerning their future plans together. It sounds like they may have a quickie wedding soon.

Of course, now that Claudette knows that both men from her past are in the same hospital, she will most likely not going to stop her scheming. She came to Port Charles with a purpose, but she didn’t plan on hitting a snag when she discovered Griffin was in town as well. It is inevitable that Nathan will eventually find out who the doctor really is. Nathan has felt guilty about the shooting and has mentioned that he wanted to find the man he shot. He will get that chance soon enough.

Do you think Claudette is still in love with Nathan or with Griffin? Stay tuned for more General Hospital to find out what she will be up to next.

[Photo by David Becker/Getty Images]