Jacqueline Laurita On Teresa Giudice Drama: ‘One Step Forward, Two Steps Back’

Jacqueline Laurita is determined to figure out why her friendship failed with Teresa Giudice. Jacqueline decided to return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey to talk to her former friend and the two had a nice chat on last week’s episode. Both women wanted to move forward, but Laurita doesn’t understand why she was highly criticized by asking Teresa about her legal troubles when new housewife Siggy Flicker didn’t face the same response when she asked about Joe Giudice’s cheating. Now, Laurita reveals that her friendship with Teresa is still up in the air.

According to a new Bravo report, Jacqueline Laurita is now revealing that she’s confused. She’s questioning why new housewife Siggy Flicker can talk to Teresa about the cheating rumors about her husband, but Jacqueline couldn’t ask about Giudice’s legal troubles without being highly criticized. As Laurita explains, she was just a friend wanting to make sure that her friend was alright during a rough period in her life.

“It always baffled me how Teresa acted as if my asking her whether or not the tabloids were true (whether or not there was a possibility of her going to jail) was equal to me bringing up her legal issues, as if I gave away her defense strategy and ruined her case!” Jacqueline Laurita revealed in her blog for Bravo, writing that she always felt as if she was being treated as the bad guy, simply because she showed concerned for her friend and asked her about her legal case a few years ago.

Of course, there is the possibility that Teresa knew that she would be going to jail for a period of time and didn’t want to talk to Jacqueline Laurita about it. Plus, her lawyer could have told her about her husband’s lengthy prison sentence and possible deportation and may have asked her not to talk about it. And since Giudice is loyal to her family and her husband, she may have gotten defensive when Jacqueline was pushing her for answers.

“Everybody was already talking about it. I just wanted to know if she was ok. I had no idea what was about to happen. But I’m guessing now that SHE did, and that is why she was so defensive about the topic at the time. It makes sense now,” Jacqueline Laurita explains in her blog, showing some kind of understanding for the situation.

One can imagine that Giudice was a bit more stressed out back then, as she didn’t know how the future would look if she was going to prison. Plus, everything was so new and unknown, so it makes sense that Teresa didn’t want to talk to Jacqueline Laurita about her upcoming troubles.

“I was shocked but pleasantly surprised to hear Teresa was much calmer and not as defensive about Siggy’s inquiry as she had been with mine. I thought maybe now she finally understood why, as a friend, I had asked her about the tabloids that were saying there was a possibility of her going to jail, and that she had finally put it behind her and would never bring it up again. Yeah right. If you haven’t seen the previews for next week yet…stay tuned. One step forward, two steps back,” Jacqueline Laurita reveals in her blog for Bravo.

According to E! Online, Teresa has slammed Laurita for several low blows on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, including talking to her on speaker phone in front of her family. Next week’s episode will surely be entertaining to watch.

What do you think of Jacqueline Laurita’s comments about Teresa? Do you think Giudice treated Laurita differently because she didn’t trust her friend?

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