Miranda Lambert Had A ‘Hard Time’ After Her Divorce From Blake Shelton

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton parted ways over a year ago after four years of marriage, and in a new interview, the 32-year-old country singer admitted to having a “hard time” after their divorce.

While opening up about her upcoming album, which has not yet received a release date, Miranda Lambert spoke of the honesty involved in her songwriting.

“This time with what I happened to be going through in my life, being honest was never really a choice. Everybody knew anyway. So I just said, I’m gonna journal it, and — good days and bad days — use it for my art,” Miranda Lambert explained to Billboard Magazine, according to a report by Us Weekly on August 3.

In 2015, as Miranda Lambert began working on her album, she and Shelton parted ways, and in the months that followed, the former couple were plagued by several rumors, some of which claimed she had cheated and others of which suggested it was Shelton who had been unfaithful.

“You run to things more and you lean on things more than you normally do when you’re hurting. I was off the road last summer, and a really positive thing that came out of the hard time in my life was that I grew as a songwriter,” she told the magazine. “[And I] got to be better friends with the people that I write the songs with, just really getting that honest with each other and sitting there on a porch drinking wine.”

According to Miranda Lambert, she spent a lot of time by herself in the months after her divorce, and looking back, she’s glad she did, as she now has new stories to share with her fans.

Although there was never any actual proof of the rumors against Miranda Lambert or Blake Shelton, they continued for months until they both moved on with new partners.

In November 2015, Blake Shelton went public with girlfriend Gwen Stefani as they filmed scenes for The Voice Season 9 and one month later, after rumors of a romance with Sam Hunt, it was reported that Miranda Lambert was dating Anderson East.

“I’m never gonna have an album that’s quote-unquote a ‘heartbreak album.’ Because everybody has bad moments, and then you come out of it and you have a great moment, and then you have some somber times,” Miranda Lambert explained. “I want an emotional journey, because that’s what life is, and I want to document that.”

Miranda Lambert has definitely been on an emotional journey in recent months, but luckily, she is currently happy and enjoying her relationship with Anderson East, an R&B singer from Alabama. After going public with the relationship in January of this year, Miranda Lambert has been spotted with East on occasion and in April, they walked the red carpet at the Academy of Country Music Awards together.

While Miranda Lambert hasn’t been very open about her relationship with East, she has shared photos of them on social media and East has done the same.

As Miranda Lambert and Anderson East remain silent about the details of their romance, reports continue to swirl in regard to their potential engagement and possible pregnancy and although the reports appear to be untrue, at least at this point, an E! News source earlier this year claimed Miranda Lambert and East were talking kids and planning to move in together.

[Photo by Sara Kauss/Getty Images]