Bethenny Frankel Struggled With Cheating Story: ‘Would You Want To Know?’

Bethenny Frankel wasn’t planning on having a piece of information that would essentially tear Luann de Lesseps apart, but it just so happens to fall in her lap. Before heading out to Miami with the girls to celebrate Luann’s engagement, Bethenny received several text messages from a friend, who had spotted Thomas D’Agostino making out with another woman in a hotel he often frequents. She even had a picture of him kissing another woman and she wanted to tell Luann about it, because they are friends. But Frankel actually struggled with whether she wanted to tell her about it.

According to a new Bravo report, Bethenny Frankel truly struggled with whether she was going to say anything to Luann about the cheating story. Frankel could see that her friend was very happy in her new relationship, but she also felt that this was something she needed to know. Bethenny questioned de Lesseps on last night’s episode about her relationship, asking if they were indeed monogamous. But during the conversation, Frankel didn’t quite tell Luann about the text messages she had received.

“Would YOU want to know?” Bethenny Frankel questioned in her blog for Bravo.

“This is the age old question that everyone says yes to, yet so many don’t know if they mean it. The ones who bear the burden of deciding if you really mean it are the friends. This week I embark on the multi-episode journey of deciding if, how and when to tell Luann details that could affect her marriage but definitely will affect her relationship.”

Frankel points out that no amount of alcohol can fix this issue, and she truly struggles to tell her co-star about what she knows. As she points out in her blog, she is about to enter several episodes where she struggles to share what she knows. Based on the previews for next week’s episode, Bethenny Frankel does get a chance to tell Luann, who runs away in tears. She even asks the Bravo producers to stop filming her in the hotel.

“I’m thinking that Bethenny is going to be the terrorist of this trip! You can see how excited she was to tell her friend in Florida about something she heard regarding Tom and me. The look on her face says it all…like a cat who ate the canary! Why some of the girls revel in making me unhappy, I’ll never understand. I’m just glad that I know myself and I know Tom so whatever Bethenny’s concocting, we’re ready for it,” Luann revealed in her own blog for The Real Housewives of New York, hinting that she thinks that Frankel was a troublemaker on the trip, even though she genuinely felt bad about the knowledge she had.

It also sounds like Thomas has been feeding Luann with information about himself, including how much money he has. Frankel told Ramona Singer and Carole Radziwill that he doesn’t make his own money and that he relies on his family for his lavish lifestyle. But de Lesseps blasted Bethenny’s comments in her blog, writing that she doesn’t know anything about him.

“Bethenny has no problem disparaging Tom by insinuating that he dated only wealthy women. Tom is very successful on his own and doesn’t need to marry for money. We will see next week what trick Bethenny has up her sleeve,” Luann continues in her blog, hinting that Bethenny only wanted to cause trouble on the trip, according to Bravo.

But it does seem like Frankel genuinely wanted her friend to know what she knew. Next week’s episode will definitely be an interesting one.

What do you think about Bethenny Frankel’s struggles to tell her friend? Would you have told Luann if you knew what Bethenny knew?

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Hollywood Reporter]