‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Victor Tries To Kiss Nicole, Paulie Upset Over Hickey, ‘PP’ Alliance Strategizes, Zakiyah Is Overly Affectionate In Front of Others [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 live feeds Wednesday night featured a possible love triangle, an innocent neck kiss that apparently left a noticeable mark, a bromance alliance strategizing about upcoming evictions, and affection on house display.

Around 10 p.m. Big Brother 18 house time, several cast members were conversing in the Tokyo room. According to Joker’s Updates, Nicole Franzel remained in bed as her showmance Corey Brooks left the room. Victor Arroyo, who some believe has a crush on Nicole, quickly took Corey’s spot and jumped into bed with her.

Immediately, Nicole scolded Victor, saying he was going to get beat up, and then yelling, “Guys! C’mon. Corey already won’t cuddle with me,” Joker’s Updates reports. Victor retorted by saying, “Don’t be scared to cuddle Nicole.”

At one point during Victor’s bold move, he tried to steal a kiss from Nicole, according to #BB18 Feed Updates. Nicole spurned his advances, screaming, “No, no, no…” which was enough to repel Victor, and Nicole avoided locking lips with him.

Apparently, Corey had returned to the room by this time and said, “OMG!” As luck would have it, at least for Victor, Corey was called to the Diary Room and Victor noted, “I guess I’ll go get comfortable again,” referring to snuggling in bed with Nicole, according to Joker’s Updates.

Paulie was also present and agreed with Victor that Corey wouldn’t mind if Nicole cuddled with Victor in the Big Brother 18 house. This played into Nicole’s insecurities, causing her to ask, “Why? You think he doesn’t like me, he’s too cute for me?” Joker’s Updates reports. Paulie scoffed at this notion, and Victor reiterated with, “If anything Nicole, you’re more attractive than he [Corey] is.” According to Nicole, Tiffany told her the very same thing.

After Nicole left the bedroom, Victor told Paulie, “She [Nicole] just doesn’t know how pretty she is.” According to Joker’s Updates, Victor added, “She’s classy too.”

Paulie had his own issues to deal with, as he relayed to Paul a few hours later that Zakiyah kissed his neck and left a mark, according to #BB18 Feed Updates.

At around 1:13 a.m. Thursday morning, Paulie claimed Zakiyah is unable to handle her liquor, telling Paul, “Fool kisses my neck once and gives me a hickey…,” Joker’s Updates reports. Paulie argued he didn’t know he had a hickey until Natalie Negrotti asked what was on his neck. Paul chimed in with, “Fool gave you a hickey!” and “Fool marks you!”

This hickey conversation was just a small part of a Paulie and Paul, or “PP,” alliance discussion about the game and who should be sent packing next week. The two men went back and forth, critiquing the game of others, saying Nicole may try to cut Corey, and Bridgette Dunning may take a shot at Nicole, according to #BB18 Feed Updates.

Joker’s Updates reports Paulie informed Paul, that James Huling told Corey he [James] is going to throw the next Big Brother 18 Head of Household (HOH) competition because James believes he has no targets, which seemed to both anger and alarm Paul. This sparked the idea that James should be the next target over a female houseguest like Nicole, who has also been on the PP radar, but Paulie roundly rejected the notion.

It should be noted that Paulie’s less-than-flattering comments about Zakiyah regarding her ability to handle liquor, and the hickey she gave him, probably stem from their volatile relationship, as previously reported by The Inquistr, and the frequent bickering that goes on between the two.

Nevertheless, beginning at about 3 a.m. and continuing for about 30 minutes, Joker’s Updates reports affection from Zakiyah toward Paule was unbounded and on display for all to see. Live feeds reveal Zakiyah was laying on top of Paulie on the HOH couch while he spoke to Corey, Paul, and James.

As he did, Zakiyah reportedly played with his chest, “kissed his stomach,” sucked on his fingers and thumb, “bit his thumb,” played with his beard and his microphone, kissed his arm, “traced his face with her fingers,” and began licking and kissing his right side, at which point he told her to stop, according to Joker’s Updates. She then asked Paulie where they were going on their first date, to which he replied they could find a good spot in New York or Los Angeles.

So, it seems at least for now the Zaulie shomance is a go, but who knows how long the harmony will last this time around and what will happen when one of them inevitably faces eviction.

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