Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend Tom Hiddleston Is Sacrificing His Career To Date Her?

Is Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Tom Hiddleston sacrificing his acting career?

According to a new report, Hiddleston’s friends and business associates have encouraged him against dating Taylor Swift, who is currently in the midst of tons of drama. But when it comes to Swift, Hiddleston reportedly has no plans to abandon their romance — even if it means putting his career in jeopardy.

“[Tom Hiddleston] is a hopeless romantic when it comes to [Taylor Swift]. His close friends and trusted advisors have been in meetings with him all week trying to talk him out of love,” a source told Hollywood Life on August 3. “While he was in LA those closest to Tom were trying to convince him that continuing to be with Taylor will hurt his career but he refuses to listen to anyone.”

Tom Hiddleston flew to Los Angeles at the end of last month after Taylor Swift was shockingly snubbed by the MTV Video Music Awards, which gave her absolutely no nominations for her videos. Meanwhile, the actor is said to be in the running for the role of James Bond in the series’ upcoming next film, but only if he dumps Taylor Swift.

“The James Bond role he has been chasing is pretty much off the table unless he dumps Taylor asap, but Tom refuses to listen to reason. Producers have shied away from Tom as the next Bond since his involvement with Taylor. Producers aren’t fans of the type of attention Taylor brings to any Bond film,” the source explained.

While Taylor Swift was once drama free, she began to face backlash after going public with her romance with Tom Hiddleston just weeks after her 15-month relationship with Calvin Harris came to an end. After photos of Swift and Hiddleston kissing on the beach hit the web, Harris removed a tweet he had previously shared in which he claimed there breakup was civil and said they continued to respect one another.

“[Tom Hiddleston]’s people are telling him to get away from [Taylor Swift] before she torpedoes his entire career but his love for her is real and he does not believe that she can damage his sparkling reputation,” the source added.

In addition to Taylor Swift’s dramatic breakup from Harris, the singer is currently involved in quite a feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian after the reality star posted a video of her phone call with West about his song, “Famous.” Prior to the video’s release on SnapChat, Swift had insisted she didn’t know about the lyrics of the song. So, once it was released, many deemed her to be a liar.

In other Taylor Swift news, she and her boyfriend recently parted ways, but only temporarily. According to a second Hollywood Life report on August 3, Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, Hiddleston, has traveled to Australia for work, which has left Swift missing her man.

“[Taylor Swift] is already missing Tom bad. She got so used to being with him all the time, it’s a big shock to her system now that he’s gone,” the source explained. “They aren’t supposed to meet up again until the end of the month, but she doesn’t think she can make it that long. She’s talking about jumping on a plane to Australia to go be with him next week.”

Prior to Tom Hiddleston’s trip to Australia, he and Taylor Swift were seen enjoying a dinner in Santa Monica, California at Hillstone’s restaurant.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]