‘Big Brother 18’: Paulie Calafiore Is Ready To Shed His Showmance With Zakiyah Everette

Paulie Calafiore may finally be listening to his big brother’s advice. The Big Brother 18 contestant is ready to send his showmance packing and focus on his game.

The trouble started earlier this week when Paulie said he started to see a possessive side of Zakiyah Everette.

“Zakiyah and I have a good relationship in this house,” Paulie said on Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother. “However, for the past week, I feel like I can’t breathe. She has a jealous side to her. She definitely gets insecure. There’s trouble in paradise.”

Indeed, Z picked up on the fact that Calafiore was becoming more distant toward her. When Paulie announced he would be sleeping in the HOH room with his ally Paul Abrahamian, it was a clear sign that “Zaulie” was on the rocks.

“Through the weeks, me and Paulie have been really close,” she said. “We talk every day. We sleep in the same bed. We cuddle all time. But for some reason lately, he’s been acting really distant, and I don’t know where this is coming from, and it’s bothering me.”

Calafiore complained to Paul that Everette, 24, was acting like a girl, something he has no tolerance for.

“I don’t deal with girls,” Paulie said. “I deal with women.”

Paulie Calafiore was back to his old self after the pressure of winning the Power of Veto competition was off his chest, but in a snuggle session with him later, Zakiyah may have dug her own grave. She told Paulie that it’s time to get Paul evicted, which pretty much means it’ll be her instead. Indeed, Calafiore ran right up to the HOH room to tell his ally that his showmance is now his target.

As far as Big Brother showmances go, this one blew up pretty quick. Of course, longtime show host Julie Chen never thought this one would last, anyway. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Chen said this season’s showmances are more flirty than anything. The Big Brother host doesn’t see any real loyalty amongst this season’s pairings.

“They’re not real, full [romances],” Julie told ET. “I chalk that up to, in part, there’s no real loyalty in the house … if they had a real showmance, then you probably would have a level of loyalty where it’s like, no matter what, I’ve got this person’s back.”

“I just don’t see Zakiyah and Paulie having much more than a friendship outside of [the house],” Julie continued. “I think they’re having, you know, a fine time together during the summer, but nothing of substance lasting beyond.”

Of course, even before she entered the Big Brother house, Everette admitted she was looking for a showmance — and possible a long-lasting love.

“I do want a showmance, that would be great,” she told ET. “I mean, if it’s going to be something, I want it to be something … it’s going to be for real. We’re doing this, we’re doing it for real.”

But now that it’s clear Paulie’s loyalty has changed from Zakiyah to Paul, his brother Cody, the runner-up in Big Brother Season 16, is probably pretty happy. In a panel for The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year, Cody Calafiore said he is completely against showmances in the Big Brother game.

“I am so against showmances,” Calafiore said. “It’s a sure way to get you booted right out of the house. You may go further, but showmances usually never end well for either one or even both of the people in them. ”

Cody also told Us Weekly that he warned his brother Paulie to stay away from the phony romances and just focus on his game.

“I absolutely warned him about showmances,” Calafiore told Us. “I said no showmances ever!”

Cody expressed concern over Paulie’s relationship with Everette, saying it would surely put a target on his little brother’s back.

“I feel like he is way too close to Zakiyah to pull away without hurting their relationship,” Calafiore said. “So essentially I’d like to just give him a knock on the head and say, ‘Way to not listen, knucklehead!'”

It sounds like Paulie Calafiore is listening now, but it could be too late to shed this showmance and emerge unscathed. He may get Zakiyah out of the house next week, but he better hope she doesn’t have a round trip ticket back in.

Take a look at the video below to see Paulie Calafiore calling out Zakiyah Everette.

[Image Credit: Paulie Calafiore Facebook]