‘Clowntown:’ Is This Clown Horror Film Competition For Stephen King’s ‘It?’ [Trailer]

In a movie world where killer clowns are causing coulrophobia, why not add one more terrifying film to the mix? Clowntown definitely looks like it could increase the fear of clowns.

Yes, coulrophobia is the official name for the fear of clowns, and it probably wouldn’t be that surprising if that phobia isn’t increasing right about now. What with zombie TV series and now clown movies, the film world is getting pretty scary.

Horror fans are currently excited about the remake of the famous clown horror, It, based on the book penned by Stephen King, which is currently in production, with that most famous clown of all, Pennywise, and will be hitting the theaters on September 18, 2017.

Last year, Clown by Eli Roth did OK, and it is available for home video. Readers can see some terrifying images from that film on a report by Bloody Disgusting. That film told the story of a father who saved the birthday party when the clown canceled, wearing a clown suit he found in the attic. However, after the party, the suit wouldn’t come off, and the terror began.

However, not much has been heard in the media recently of yet another terrifying clown film which is also heading for both theatrical and home theater release in North America in the not too distant future.

According to the official website for Clowntown, the clown horror movie has a gruesome tagline: “They’ll tickle rip out your funny bone.”

The film is reportedly inspired by a real incident back in 2014, when clowns terrorized a small town near Bakersfield, Calif, and there is something about horror movies that are based on true stories that really tends to bring out the goose bumps.

If you don’t believe us, ABC reported on the story back in October, 2014, where residents of the small town were terrorized by a bunch of people dressed up as clowns, with some of them wielding baseball bats, or even worse, machetes, turning up near local landmarks. At that stage, there had been 20 sightings of the terrifying clowns, but reportedly only one arrest.

Fast forward to now, and the new horror film Clowntown tells the tale of a group of friends on a road trip, who end up getting stranded in what looks like an abandoned town. It starts off with one of the friends upset because she can’t find her phone, but it turns out that was just the beginning of her problems.

It turns out the town is not as abandoned as it looks, and they end up being stalked by a bunch of violent psychos dressed up as – you guessed it – clowns.

Tom Nagel’s terrifying horror/thriller, Clowntown is heading to theaters from September 30th this year and will be on VOD and DVD from October 4th.

According to Screen Anarchy, Clowntown was written by Jeff Miller (Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan) and directed by Tom Nagel (The Retrieval).

Starring in the clown horror film are Brian Nagel (who starred in Katy Perry’s Roar), Lauren Elise (Help), Andrew Staton (Relentless), Katie Keen (Union Furnace), Jeff Denton (The Beast of Bray Road) and Greg Violand (Batman v. Superman).

Reportedly Stuart Alson, ITN Distribution President, said that the company is excited to bring Clowntown to North American audiences.

Director Miller added, “Stuart and ITN want to help us scare people with our killer clowns, so we’re excited for them to be handing our North American distribution.”

After watching the trailer included below, will you be waiting with bated breath for Clowntown to be released? Or do you think this might be one clown horror movie too many?

Stephen King fans – do you think this film could be any competition at all for the much-anticipated remake of It? Let us know below.

[Photo via Clowntown]