Celebrate National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day With These Free Cookies And Contest!

August 4 is Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, and there’s no better time to celebrate the delicious snack than now. According to National Day Calendar, no one knows exactly who started the observance, but cookie lovers worldwide are glad they did. While the best way to celebrate Chocolate Chip Cookie Day is to indulge yourself in mouthwatering cookies, you might want to skip the oven and the summer heat and scoop up some free chocolate chip cookies from DoubleTree by Hilton. DoubleTree by Hilton runs a campaign called Nice Travels that promotes random acts of kindness with the belief that kindness is contagious and spreads. Nice Travels launched on National Pay It Forward Day and they continue to engage in acts of kindness. As part of the Nice Travels campaign, DoubleTree by Hilton will give out their famous chocolate chip cookies for free. Those who have a DoubleTree by Hilton nearby can walk right in, without a reservation, and get a free cookie. Additionally, Nice Travels is running an Instagram contest where you can enter to win a free, decorative travel tin full of chocolate chip cookies.

The chocolate chip cookies are so popular, people were making ice cream sandwiches with them to celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day.

DoubleTree by Hilton’s chocolate chip cookies are so popular, YouTube has a number of copycat recipes. While you can get the real thing for free, you might be interested in making your own version of these well-liked cookies. Here are some video tutorials and recipes to help you satisfy your sweet tooth and craving for their cookies when it isn’t Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.

In addition to stopping in any DoubleTree by Hilton hotel to get your free cookie, there are two Amtrak stations that will be distributing them. Those who are at New York’s Penn Station and Chicago’s Union Station tomorrow will not get one chocolate chip cookie but two. They are giving away two cookies at the train stations so that recipients can share the goodness with another person. The Instagram contest is a great way to participate in Chocolate Chip Cookie Day for those who aren’t near the train stations or have a DoubleTree nearby.

The Instagram chocolate chip cookie contest begins on August 4 and runs until August 12. The contest features the Traveler Tins Collection which are beautiful tins that showcase seven different travel destinations. The Traveler Tins collection features destinations like Chicago, California, Florida, New York, Texas, and The Carolinas. Those who want to enter the contest can go to the official Instagram account. There will be a video featuring travel destinations from each of the tins. You’ll take a screenshot from the video of your favorite destination then direct message the picture on Instagram. Not a bad contest for celebrating Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.

Chocolate chip cookies are one of the most popular cookies worldwide. Fans of the cookie are sharing their excitement on social media networks for the holiday. Chocolate Chip Cookie Day is a great excuse for throwing your diet out the window and eating as many chocolate chip cookies as you want, and there’s no question, many diets will be blown today.

Though no one knows who invented Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, we do know who invented the chocolate chip. Ruth Graves Wakefield invented the chocolate chip and chocolate chip cookie. According to the Great Idea Finder, Wakefield and her husband owned the Toll House Inn, located in Whitman, Massachusetts. Wakefield was a dietitian and often created recipes to serve guests. She had been making a butterscotch and nut cookie and decided to try a variant. She took some Nestle chocolate, cut it into bits, then baked it into a cookie. The new chocolate chip cookie was a hit with guests and soon, Wakefield struck up a deal with Nestle. They posted her recipe on bags of chocolate chips, and they would supply her with all the chocolate chips she would need to keep her guests happy.

How will you celebrate Chocolate Chip Cookie Day? Are you going to stop by one of the DoubleTree by Hilton locations or the train stations and pick up your free cookies? Or are you going to enter the Instagram cookie contest?

[Photo by Ramon Antinolo/Shutterstock]