Trump Rally Video Documents Supporters: 'Build A Wall -- Kill Them All,' 'Hillary Is A *****!'

Scott Hough

A new Donald Trump rally video has been produced by the New York Times and is making waves for the virulent language and violence it documents supporters of the Republican presidential nominee are using as they celebrate his candidacy and denounce everything, seemingly, not involved with making America great again.

The Trump rally video was compiled over the course of the past year by Nick Corasaniti, Ashley Parker, and Erica Berenstein. The reporters noted the "coarse, vitriolic, even violent language" used in the chants shouted by Trump's supporters, as well as their T-shirt slogans and placards. The Times observed that such things have not been observed in recent memory in politics in the United States.

Please note the following video contains NSFW language and graphic violence.

"The safest place in the world to be is at a Trump rally," the Republican candidate can be heard over raucous cheering as the video begins.

"Build the wall! **** those dirty *******," one young man wearing a red baseball cap shouts in response.

"Build that wall, Mexico is going to pay for it!" another man says outside a rally, as he gestures wildly toward others gathered.

Another man is shown wearing a red Make America Great Again cap and a black T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan "**** Islam!" The man shouted the same while holding his hands held high above his head.

Outside a Trump rally, two men discuss Islam. One man asks the other "what his problem" with Donald Trump is. The man replied that the U.S. Constitution provides for freedom of religion for all Americans, something that Donald Trump does not appear to understand with respect to Muslims.

"You don't come and talk about America when you're supporting Muslims."

The video includes footage of people swearing that they will attend polls and vote for Donald Trump as the candidate appears to ask them to.

"**** that ******!" one rally attendee announces when Trump mentions President Obama.

"Just throw them the hell out," Trump states at a rally, as a sea of supporters appears to lunge toward protestors causing a disturbance, with fists clenched in the air, celebrating the candidate's directive, accompanied by shouts and jeers.

"Send them ******** back," a man holding a Trump sign smiles as a crowd of Trump supporters chants "build a wall" around him. He remarks that the paperwork for illegal immigrants to be deported "comes in Spanish."

"Ignorance and immigrants. They mix together!" a bearded, young man yells while holding a Trump placard above his head.

"Hillary is a *****!"

"**** you Hillary!" a voice can be heard. "Tramp!"

"Kill her!" another shouts.

A button mocking Clinton's body and seemingly suggesting she might deserve to be served as a meal at a chicken restaurant was shown before the Trump rally video turned to two women wearing Trump T-shirts declaring, graphically, that the candidate was the first with fortitude in some time.

"This is a movement, like people have never seen before," Trump states as the rally video ends.

[Photo by John Moore/Getty Images]