‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Grant Kemp, Lace Morris Spotted Together, Plans For Their Future Revealed

Last night on the big season premiere of Bachelor in Paradise everyone saw Lace Morris connect with Chad Johnson. Of course, Morris didn’t stay with Chad long and was already ready to move on. Huge spoilers are out about who Lace ends up with and how it goes for her. TMZ shared the news that Lace will end up with Grant Kemp, and things are going great for the two. They actually aren’t doing a very good job of hiding it from the fans either.

Just two days before Bachelor in Paradise premiered, Lace Morris and Grant Kemp were caught hanging out together. If you become a couple on the show, then you have to keep everything like this a secret. Grant and Lace should have never been spotted together, but they don’t seem to care.

It turns out that Grant Kemp flew to Denver to see Lace. They were hanging out at a pool in a very nice apartment complex in the area. It turns out that Lace and Grant were not shy about the fact that they were together. They were flirting and even all over each other.

A source went ahead and revealed what big plans Lace Morris and Grant Kemp have for the future. They actually ended up engaged at the end of Bachelor in Paradise. The source said that Lace has plans to move to L.A. so that she can be with Grant. Being close to each other is the best way that they can make their relationship last.

The crazy thing is that Lace and Grant know that they can’t be seen out together like this at all. ABC was probably pretty upset to see that they have spoiled the show. Lace and Grant aren’t the only ones ruining the end of this season, though.

Of course, Reality Steve has spoilers for this show as usual. He is also sharing on Twitter that the other two couples who end up engaged have been making mistakes and sharing what is going on as well. Carly Waddell ends up with Evan Bass at the end of this season. Things seem to be going great with them. Carly actually posted an ad on her Instagram page, but if you pay close attention, you can tell that it is the same kitchen that Evan posted in a photo on his page a while back.

The other couple that ends up engaged at the end of this season is Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton. Josh wasn’t even on the premiere, but he will show up next week. It turns out that Josh and Amanda were spotted out shopping together at Target and weren’t trying to hide it either. Someone even caught a picture of these two together. It is pretty obvious they are with each other.

It is pretty shocking that all three couples would do something to show that they are still together and spoil the show. Lace Morris and Grant Kemp may want to think twice about going out in public like that with each other in the future. Carly’s mistake wasn’t quite as big, but it seems like she somehow forgot that everyone is paying attention to every single thing she does. Amanda and Josh probably thought they would never get noticed, but it happened to them too. Everyone can’t wait to watch this season and see it all play out.

Are you shocked to hear that Lace Morris ends up with Grant Kemp? Do you think that this couple can make their relationship last? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise when they air every Monday and Tuesday night on ABC.

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