Lawrence Littman: 78-Year-Old Trump Fan Throws 73-Year-Old Hillary Clinton-Supporting Wife, Elvia Littman, To The Floor

Common advice states that one should never talk about politics or religion in polite company — but one man reacted violently to a political conversation with his own wife. As reported by the Daily Mail, Lawrence Littman is a 78-year-old man who didn’t take kindly to the fact that his 73-year-old wife made up her mind to vote for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming presidential election.

Lawrence is an elderly man who supports Donald Trump — and his allegiance to Trump caused Littman to get violent with his equally elderly wife, Elvia Littman. With Lawrence having been married to Elvia for 20 years, Littman ended up garnering a charge of battery against a person older than 65 years of age after he allegedly attacked his wife when she tried to get away from his barrage of verbal and physical assaults.

As seen in the above photo, Littman is pictured in a mugshot. Lawrence and Elvia hail from Bradenton, Florida — but they are making news worldwide because of Littman’s reaction to his wife. Lawrence is registered as a Republican — and is apparently a fervent Trump supporter who couldn’t handle the fact that his wife wanted to show her support for a Democrat by voting for Hillary.

The melee occurred on July 27, when Lawrence and Elvia had a talk about the controversial presidential election. That conversation turned violent late that night, around 10 p.m.

The police report was published by The Smoking Gun, which noted that Lawrence began to call his wife bad names, along with throwing Elvia to the floor in the attack. Elvia said that Lawrence “called her many derogatory names then grabbed her wrist and threw her on a chair in the bedroom.”

Such violent actions caused Elvia to make an attempt to flee from her husband, but he grabbed her before she could get to another bedroom. Lawrence grabbed the arm of his elderly wife and threw her to the floor. Elvia reported that her buttocks were hurt when her husband threw her to the floor.

Zillow reports that the area in which the attack occurred — in the 7100 block of Grand Estuary Trail — has homes that range from $275,000 to $500,000 and beyond — with plenty of rental condos likely enjoyed by retirees.

Lawrence, meanwhile, claimed that Elvia tried to slap him — and purports that is how his wife slipped and fell. After being arrested, Lawrence was set free after posting a $500 bond. The elderly man pled guilty to the count, which carries a felony charge — and Lawrence is supposed to stay away from Elvia.

Reaction to such a shocking sort of elderly abuse is making waves online. Elvia was the one who called police after she claimed her husband attacked her. Some of those reactions from social media can be read below.

“He claims his wife ‘tried to slap him in the face.’ Pro tip: if there’s not enough respect between you, after 20 years of marriage, for her to know she has no business slapping you in the face, be smart. Take the slap, report HER for assault, and call it a day.”

“One (of many) reasons I broke up with my ex, was she planned on voting for Hillary. It really isn’t worth the energy of fighting – just end it.”

“And now Trump will receive a battery of questions whether he disavows domestic violence.”

“Hillary supporters will blame it on Trump.”

“There should be better screening for septuagenarians before we allow them into this country.”

“Why is it that all these crazy cases seem to originate in Florida?”

As seen in the top photo above, Trump views the Purple Heart medal he was given on Tuesday, August 2, in Ashburn, Virginia.

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[Photo by Evan Vucci/AP Images]