Gunner Stahl: Man Photographed In Bed With Jaden Smith’s Girlfriend Has A Lot Of Other Pictures With Her, Too

Gunner Stahl got into some hot water this week when the famous photographer posted a picture of himself in bed with Sarah Snyder, the 21-year-old girlfriend of Jaden Smith.

It turns out that Stahl and Snyder have a lot of other pictures together, sparking speculation that there may be a long-standing relationship between the two.

Stahl kicked off the controversy on Monday when he posted the photo of Snyder next to him in bed, and to make matters even more dramatic, he tagged Jaden Smith in the photo. It was quickly deleted, adding to the mystery and fueling speculation that Snyder was cheating on Jaden.

Now, with two days passing and radio silence from Jaden Smith, there is growing attention on Gunner Stahl and his apparent long-standing relationship with Sarah Snyder. As Hollywood Life noted, Stahl is a professional photographer who often posts his work on social media. Many of those shots include Snyder, hinting that she and Gunner may go a long way back.

“He uses his accounts a TON and hasn’t made any of them private since the Sarah scandal broke out. There are no other tweets on his timeline that include Sarah. But…”

“There are plenty of photos of him and Jaden’s girlfriend hanging out on social media. So, we know, even if they aren’t hooking up, there is some sort of relationship between them.”

Before he was tagged as the guy potentially cheating with Jaden Smith’s girlfriend, Gunner Stahl was known as one of the most in-demand photographers in the entertainment industry. Back in January, Hype Beast published a portfolio of his best work and noted that Stahl has a unique ability to bring out the real side of a hip-hop industry that can often be consumed with hype and obsessed with image.

Along with the newfound attention on Gunner Stahl, there are also questions about whether he is really cheating with Jaden Smith’s girlfriend or if the photo of the two in bed was simply part of his job. With Jaden Smith quiet about it, the rumor mill has been churning with alleged inside sources who claim that there is definitely something going on between Stahl and Snyder.

The Shade Room claimed to track down a friend of Stahl who confirmed that the photographer and Sarah Snyder are in a relationship.

“So I’ve been holding this tea for a min lol but Jaden Smith’s girlfriend is cheating on him with my friend Gunner,” the source claimed in an email sent to the gossip site. “He recently shot the cover of [The Fader] with Metro Boomin on it. She was just in ATL last week at his photo exhibit.”

With the allegations that Sarah Snyder is cheating on Jaden Smith with Gunner Stahl, the battle lines are apparently being drawn between the famous couple. Hollywood Life reported that Jaden Smith has turned to his longtime friend Kylie Jenner for comfort, as Kylie has been through a tumultuous relationship of her own.

And to add to the drama, Sarah Snyder posted a cryptic message on Instagram on Wednesday that made reference to being “in love” with her man — but she didn’t say which man she was referring to.

“Sarah says: When your little ex is salty. You’re in love with your man,” she captioned the picture of herself in front of a bouquet of flowers. “Btw, thanks for the flowers baby.”

While the pictures may speak volumes, apparently Gunner Stahl doesn’t have anything to say about the drama. He’s yet to comment about the picture of him and Sarah Snyder together in bed.

[Image via Twitter/Gunner Stahl]