‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Spoilers From August 3 Episode, Veto Shakes Up ‘BB18’ House And Eviction Target [Spoilers]

This August 3 Big Brother 18 recap comes from Wednesday night. The BB18 house was shown playing out the Week 6 Veto competition and fans were shown what took place during an important Veto ceremony. This episode of the show was aired by CBS on Wednesday, August 3, at 8 p.m. PT/ET. Producers picked up with a lot of footage that took place after Paul Abrahamian named his two nominations for eviction.

There was a lot of drama shown in the episode, with the showmance between Paulie Calafiore and Zakiyah Everette hitting a bit of a bump. The couple has gone through some rough patches this summer, and one was shown (in depth) during the August 3 episode. It included Paulie acting like he didn’t like Zakiyah as much as he had indicated to her and Paulie telling Paul Abrahamian that he would win Head of Household next week and nominate Zakiyah for eviction.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it wasn’t long after this fight that Paulie and Zakiyah were seen on the CBS live feeds taking their relationship “to the next level.” It raises a lot of questions about what producers are going to show on the air, and whether Zakiyah is going to continue to be shown in the negative light cast on her during the August 3 Big Brother 18 episode.

The biggest chunk of the August 3 episode covered the Veto competition and what took place after it was played. There was a lot on the line for Bridgette Dunning and Paulie Calafiore as the two nominees for Week 6, with Bridgette trying to ensure she didn’t stay the main target and Paulie trying to control how the BB18 house would deal with the coming eviction. He noted during the episode that he would like to win the Veto, take himself off the block, and then nominate Da’Vonne Rogers for eviction. He didn’t say “Paul could nominate” Da’Vonne during his Diary Room session.

At the Week 6 Veto competition, Bridgette Dunning, Paulie Calafiore, and Paul Abrahamian were joined by Corey Brooks, Natalie Negrotti, and Victor Arroyo. The challenge itself involved the six contestants putting two hands and one foot on buzzers located at a starting line. At the end of tracks that they were lined up on were video screens where the houseguests were looking to see the word “go” in each round. As soon as the word came up, they had to run down and press another buzzer. The last one to arrive or anyone who false started got eliminated in each round.

Corey Brooks was the first one eliminated, followed by Bridgette Dunning, Natalie Negrotti, and Paul Abrahamian (in that order). It came down to just Paulie Calafiore and Victor Arroyo competing for the Veto prize this week in the BB18 house. Paulie ended up winning another challenge, gaining control of the Power of Veto. Following the Veto competition, he was shown convincing several people that Da’Vonne Rogers should become the primary target in the game.

The most important component of the Big Brother 18 spoilers revealed on Wednesday night comes from the Veto ceremony. Paulie saved himself from the block, forcing Paul (as the HOH) to name a replacement nominee. He placed Da’Vonne on the block, putting a backdoor eviction plan into motion.

Viewers interested in learning about more Big Brother 18 spoilers can read another previous report by the Inquisitr. It discusses how the two nominees for eviction are dealing with being on the block and who is in line to go home during a potential double eviction on August 4. That brings this August 3 Big Brother 18 recap to a close, with the potential that the next 24 hours could hold a lot of drama in the BB18 house.

[Image via CBS Big Brother/Twitter]