Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly Analyzes Donald Trump’s Campaign Problems

Bill O’Reilly began his top-rated show The O’Reilly Factor this evening by analyzing Donald Trump’s campaign and the media bias against him.

“Unfortunately, it is the press that defines the presidential campaign, and, as we all know, the American media leans sharply left. This makes we, the people, often barraged with propaganda rather than reality.”

As an example, Mr. O’Reilly talked about the “populist” newspaper USA Today, which has been running negative front page headlines about Trump almost every day. In their latest assault on Donald Trump, USA Today asks if Trump can get back on track.

Donald Trump Campaign

“Donald Trump’s fall campaign is off to a rough start, to say the least. Under fire for any number of comments — from his dismissal of a Muslim couple who lost their son in the Iraq war to his joking ejection of a crying baby from a rally — Trump tried to get back on track Wednesday with a campaign swing through the pivotal state of Florida.”

Although Trump is losing in the polls, they certainly don’t show a sign of a huge backlash from would-be voters — this is something that USA Today has been trying to portray almost every day. Bill O’Reilly believes that in the end, most people can make up their own minds on who to vote for. However, he does believe that newspapers such as USA Today can influence the opinion of what the current popular thought is. O’Reilly admits that — at times — Donald Trump deserves the headlines, but there is not a fair balance in terms of news coverage.

Bill then read letters aloud from his audience that analyzed the Trump campaign, even though the first letter analyzed Mr. O’Reilly himself more than Trump.

“Mr. O, Kirsten Powers is correct stating that you were overgenerous to Trump regarding his Muslim comments. This proves you are endorsing him,” claimed Marcus Smith of Hagatna, Guam.

O’Reilly denied endorsing anybody as he pointed out that he was talking about the context in which Trump made his comments — something he believes the media completely ignores.

“So, we’re down to a choice between someone who does stupid things and lies about them, as opposed to someone who says stupid things and tries to justify them,” pointed out viewer James Love of Norman, Oklahoma.

O’Reilly called his criticism of the candidates a little “dark,” even though many Americans appear to agree with Norman when it comes to both candidates. Then, O’Reilly read a letter from Patrick Newman of Manchester, NH, who says O’Reilly dropped the ball when Trump said he was viciously attacked by Mr. Khan. Newman believes that Hillary Clinton was also brutally attacked by many people at the Republican National Convention, but O’Reilly was hypocritical by not responding — something O’Reilly denied.

After another audience member said she believes Trump lacks wisdom, O’Reilly defended the Donald by saying that Mr. Trump is new to the political game and is under intense scrutiny. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Trump isn’t smart or that he doesn’t have the knowledge to run the country. O’Reilly believes that anybody who is in Trump’s position will make mistakes, even a lot of them. Bill O’Reilly stressed that even though it is expected for Mr. Trump to make mistakes, it’s really how fast Trump learns from his mistakes that will make or break his campaign. Hillary Clinton isn’t under as much scrutiny, so she’s given more leeway in terms of her mistakes.

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