Lindsay Lohan’s Parents Can’t Seem To Agree On The Pregnancy Rumors

Lindsay Lohan’s parents can never seem to agree when it comes to their daughter. Now, it looks like the divorced parents of the troubled starlet can’t see eye-to-eye on her pregnancy.

Dina Lohan, the mother of actress Lindsay Lohan, reportedly revealed to TMZ that her daughter is not pregnant. She claims that Lindsay has been lying about her pregnancy as revenge since her fiancé allegedly cheated on her with a Russian prostitute at a nightclub.

“Lindsay is not pregnant, as some in the press have been erroneously reporting she is,” the 53-year-old mother told Newsday on Wednesday, Aug. 3. She also confirmed that Lindsay finally split from her 23-year-old fiancé Egor Tarabasov after his alleged cheating and their explosive fight, as seen in a video published on Britain’s The Sun.

“I’m just glad she’s safe and out of an escalating abusive relationship,” Lohan added. As for her advice to Tarabasov, she said, “I don’t have a crystal ball. I hope he gets help for his anger. My poor daughter. That’s a whole issue.”

Lindsay was recently photographed vacationing with her gal pals on a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean island of Sardinia. TMZ published the photos of Lindsay looking like she had a baby bump as she smoked and drank on the boat. Dina said that Lindsay is focusing on herself and that she speaks to her every day.

The actress has been enjoying some downtime after she got into a heated argument with the businessman. After the two were involved in an altercation, the London police had to force themselves in and kick down her door. Although Lindsay is not pregnant and wants a break away from her fiancé, she’s not completely down with him, claims Dina. She’s still engaged to him and wants to work on their relationship.

But, Dina revealed to Newsday that she never spoke to TMZ about Lindsay’s current condition and the status of her relationship with her fiancé. TMZ’s spokesperson, Casey Carver told Newsday that the outlet received an email from Lohan’s rep, Gina, stating the following information.

“From Dina Lohan: ‘Lindsay is not pregnant as the press has been reporting. Lindsay is taking time for herself right now. Please leave her alone and give her time to heal.'”

It was just a few days ago when Michael Lohan confirmed that his daughter is, in fact, pregnant. The announcement came around the same time Lindsay was seen smoking and drinking on that same yacht.

“She’s not drinking, she was smoking and I talked to her about that,” Lohan exclusively told People.

According to the report, Lindsay was seen drinking beer out of a glass and smoking what looked like a cigarette. The former Disney star was also photographed fishing with her friends on the yacht. Then, a close friend of Lindsay confirmed to People that she “is not pregnant” at this time. While her 56-year-old father says he doesn’t condone her careless behavior, he still believes that Lindsay is pregnant.

“The last communication that I had was she told me she was pregnant. I don’t know anything other than that. I believe my daughter. I don’t think she’d lie to me about something like that. But yeah, she’s smoking. She smoked a cigarette – I’m not saying it’s right that she smokes, but it happened.”

He also insisted that his daughter is sober from drugs and alcohol.

“Every time I’ve talked to her she’s been sober, every single time. And the good friends that are around her have told me she’s not drinking. I know that she’s not drinking.”

Lindsay Lohan did not make a direct confirmation of her pregnancy. In a now-deleted July 23 tweet, she wrote, “labour pains trailer – I am pregnant!!” while she linked to her 2009 film Labor Pains, which is about a woman who pretends to be pregnant to avoid losing her job.

[Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images]