WWE News: WWE Officals Are Being Extremely Careful About Nikki Bella’s Return To WWE

It’s been a challenging year for Nikki Bella. She’s been absent from WWE programming since last October. Since then, she’s been rehabilitating from her neck and spinal surgery. At the end of July, her doctors confirmed that her recovery went well, and she can begin training for her return to WWE.

Nikki Bella will be entering a WWE that is extremely different than the one she left 10 months ago. WWE’s Divas division has been rebranded into the WWE Women’s division. WWE has also been separated due to the WWE Draft and brand extension, so Nikki Bella will be headed for Raw or SmackDown when she returns to WWE since she is still undrafted.

The expectation is that Bella would be returning to WWE over the next few months depending on her training at the WWE Performance Center. However, it has been reported recently that she’s not going to be a full-time wrestler when she does return to the ring. Her timetable is before the end of September at the latest, but WWE officials aren’t setting that in stone.

Nikki Bella Expected to Return in September

According to some new information reported from Wrestlezone, Nikki Bella is still training and has yet to be medically cleared by WWE doctors to return to the ring. Although the progress is slow, WWE’s officials and their doctors are hesitant for good reasons, but Nikki’s training sessions at the WWE Performance Center are said to be a major step in the right direction.

It’s being said that WWE as a whole is being extremely careful about medically clearing Nikki Bella and allowing her to compete inside the ring because of the severity of her injury. WWE is taking her recovery very seriously. WWE doctors are monitoring how her neck is recovering and reacting to the training to see if she’s healthy enough to get back into the WWE ring even on a part-time basis. It’s going to be awhile before WWE doctors give her the green light for her return out of safety.

A lot has been said about how her previous finishing maneuver “The Rack Attack” cause a lot of her neck and spinal issues. Nikki has apparently been working with her brother-in-law and the general manager of SmackDown to develop a new finisher for her return to WWE. It’ll most likely be a submission to help with her neck issues, but that will just make her like everyone else.

Nikki Bella Performs a Flying Clothesline to Sasha Banks
It goes mostly unnoticed by most people, but there are too many submission finishers in WWE’s Women’s division. Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Natalya, and Paige are all at the top of their division with a different submission as their finishing move, so adding Nikki Bella to that list is a good idea for her health. However, she could always use the “Big Forearm” as a finisher.

No matter what her finisher is when she returns to WWE, it’s likely that she’ll be pushed heavily on SmackDown since the brand could use more women with experience to help get the next generation of NXT women over with the WWE Universe. Not to mention that Daniel Bryan and John Cena are both involved with SmackDown, so she wouldn’t be completely on her own after her sister Brie Bella retired during her absence from WWE programming.

It’s been reported that SmackDown is set to introduce a Women’s Championship sometime after WWE SummerSlam, so that is a natural place for Nikki Bella to make her return. SmackDown‘s first exclusive PPV event will be WWE Backlash on September 11. It’s likely that will be the return goal for Nikki Bella as she trains for her return to WWE over the next month.

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