Review Of New ‘Zombie GO’ Game: No, It’s Not A Hoax, Yes, It’s Just Like ‘Pokémon GO’ But With Zombies!

So, unless you have been in hibernation for the last month, you have heard of Pokémon GO, the game that allows people to use their smartphone to hunt for Pokémon out in the real world. While many have complained Pokémon GO is for zombies, they can’t argue with the fact that it has shifted a large proportion of couch-sitters out into the real world. The game has not only encouraged people to exercise, but it has also added a social aspect. Many people who would normally be antisocial on their phones are now interacting with strangers as they are all united under the Pokémon GO banner.

But what if you wanted a zombie version of Pokémon GO? Ever since Pokémon GO came out, people have been commenting and wishing there were versions of the game that covered other fandoms. The most common suggestion is for a Harry Potter version of Pokémon GO. While this seems to still be in the wishful thinking stage, HITGPX have released Zombie GO, the game for the zombie obsessed.

So far, Zombie GO is only available on Google Play for Android Smartphones. The official synopsis for Zombie GO is below.

Zombie GO – The real world zombie game. An augmented-reality shooter. Hunt down zombies as you walk around your city, house, job or wherever. Survive an onslaught of the dead popping up around every corner, power up and take them on one on one with your camera phone pistol. Plus, zombie kills are so much cooler to collect.”

Zombie GO Google Play game for Android smartphones

Initially, many fans thought Zombie GO might be another hoax just like the recent announcement of a Harry Potter GO game by JTXH News. The site claimed that Niantic had “acquired the rights for the app” and the game would be developed by 2017. However, after some digging, Gizmodo reported the announcement as a hoax when they discovered there was no official source for this claim on JTXH News.

Rest assured though, Zombie GO is not a hoax. It is an actual game just like Pokémon GO as I have personally downloaded it and tried it out on my Samsung Galaxy S5. I will point out though that the game does have pop-up advertisements and did seem to crash regularly. However, considering my phone is currently low on memory space, this might only be a factor on my phone. Just by walking around my house, I encountered many zombies and managed to kill most of them.

The rules are simple according to HITGPX Media:

– Start game
– Walk around
– Tap screen to shoot
– Tap first aid cases for full health
– Be quick, have fun and stay alive.

To be honest, I think this game might be fun for a short time, but there appears to be no order to the zombies. You are literally just walking around shooting random zombies. Sometimes there are more than one on your screen, but they all appear to be generic zombies. With Pokémon GO, at least, there is a known universe and differing varieties of Pokemon to catch, some being quite rare. With Zombie GO, there appears to be no hierarchy to the zombies, one could be just as important — or as rare — as the other, you just don’t know. Perhaps if it were based on a zombie show such as The Walking Dead or Z Nation, fans could easily identify zombies from the show and at least guess which ones were more important than others, making the game much more fun on a longer basis. Oh, and if grammar is your thing, seeing “your dead” every time the zombies kill you is probably going to be a downer for you.

Zombie GO Google Play game for Android smartphones promo pic of zombie kills

Something else worth noting is the fact that Zombie GO doesn’t use GPS like Pokémon GO does. While this means it won’t chew up all your phone data, it also means you can stand around and just wait for the zombies to appear. So, if you thought you might be getting plenty of incidental exercise with this game, think again. Although, you can get up and walk around if you want to fill in time between zombies appearing.

If you are just looking for some quick fun and are not a huge Pokémon fan but want to see what all the GO fuss is all about, Zombie GO might be just your thing. According to HITGPX Media, fans of the game will soon be able to compare kills online with their friends. Perhaps this will help develop the game beyond a quick release game designed to cash in on the Pokémon GO market. There is also a website you can visit for updates. However, at the moment, it is currently just showing the trailer video for the game.

If you download Zombie GO, you can share your adventures using the hashtag #zombiego. I’ll see you there!

What other versions of Zombie GO, based on the original Pokémon GO, would you like to see? Let us know by commenting below.

[Image via HITGPX Media]