Seth Rollins Says WWE Wrestler’s Court No Longer Exists

One of the most mythical things in WWE history is the infamous WWE Wrestler’s Court. This was something that really happened in the WWE locker room whenever someone did something that others didn’t consider right. Many times, it was due to one superstar believing that another disrespected them, and the management would turn a blind eye when the other wrestlers dished out the punishment.

In an interview with Rock 100.5 in Atlanta, current WWE superstar Seth Rollins said that the WWE Wrestler’s Court no longer exists. According to Rollins, the court ended around the same time that the WWE went public on the stock market and social networking made it easier for some wrestlers to reveal what happens behind the scenes.

Seth Rollins said that often the results of the WWE Wrestler’s Court were “harsh” when it came to penalties. The exact format of the court was for one or more wrestlers to accuse someone else of something they found disrespectful and then the wrestlers would have to stand trial in front of the locker room with either The Undertaker or JBL sitting in as the judge

There were oftentimes that wrestlers could bribe the judge, usually with alcohol, and get a lighter sentence. The Inquisitr previously reported that former WWE writer Brian Gerwitz told a funny story about the WWE Wrestler’s Court when he appeared on the Talk Is Jericho podcast.

Gerwitz said that Edge gave him an action figure of DC Comics superhero because Edge knew that Gerwitz was a Flash fan and he himself received it as a gift from a fan. Gerwitz, who was highly protected when he was the main writer for The Rock, was on his own after The Rock left for Hollywood. When Gerwitz, went in front of the WWE Wrestler’s Court, he was told that Bob Holly believed that he was showing favoritism to Edge and Christian

When Gerwitz went in front of the WWE Wrestler’s Court, he was told that Bob Holly believed that he was showing favoritism to Edge and Christian and was found guilty and sentenced by The Undertaker to write an essay on why he respected the business and the WWE.


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According to Seth Rollins, this doesn’t happen in the WWE anymore. The reason for the question was a recent rumor that Roman Reigns was found guilty in front of the WWE Wrestler’s Court for failing his drug test while he was the WWE World Champion and was forced to apologize in front of the entire locker room. Rollins said that was not the case at all.

According to Rollins, Roman Reigns chose to apologize to the locker room for failing the drug test and no one told him to do so. Rollins said that Roman Reigns is a locker room leader and he felt it was his responsibility and duty to stand up for his mistake and apologize to everyone for letting them down.

While stories of the WWE Wrestler’s Court have often resulted in humiliation for the wrestlers standing trial, Seth Rollins said that the entire court deal was lighthearted among the boys in the locker room. On the other hand, Rollins said that Roman Reigns was being completely professional and was doing what he believed was the right thing.

As for the WWE Wrestler’s Court, Seth Rollins said that it no longer exists at all thanks to the PG-era of the WWE. As for Roman Reigns, it sounds like he was just being the professional that he has developed into over his short WWE career.

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