‘RHOBH’ Star Kyle Richards Gets A Message From Her Late Mom, And It’s About Kim

Kyle Richards has received a message from her late mom, and it’s giving her some reassurance about how to handle her tumultuous relationship with her sister Kim going forward. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star sat down for a reading with Hollywood Medium‘s Tyler Henry, and E! News posted video of her connecting with her mother Kathleen, who passed away from breast cancer in 2002.

In the video, which you can see below, Henry tells Richards that the most important thing her mother wants to communicate to her from the afterlife concerns Kim. Kim Richards has been struggling with drug and alcohol issues for years, and Kyle has taken on the burden of trying to protect her.

“She’s not wanting you to feel like when she passed away that it was your responsibility to take care of your sister,” the medium told Kyle. “And that’s the No. 1 thing I could possibly say that I feel like you need to hear. The way that it comes across is like, know regardless what she would’ve encouraged in life she’s coming through and saying like, ‘I know the depth of the situation.’ ”

Henry also said that Kyle’s mother wants her to “let go” of the burden of worrying about Kim. And in a revelation that brought Kyle to tears, the medium dropped another bombshell that referred to the RHOBH star’s four daughters.

“That just came through randomly, but I got, ‘Thank you for being a better mom than I was.’ She hopes that she was able to teach you a lot, not only in what she did right but in some of the things that you noticed and changed when you raised your children.”

Kyle Richards has been vocal about her close relationship with her mother. In an interview with Chicago Pride, Richards revealed that she dedicated her 2011 book, Life is Not a Reality Show, to her late mom.

“My mom was a very powerful force in all of our lives,” Kyle said. “She was bigger than life. She is a big part of obviously who I am so I thought it was important to acknowledge that and attribute to her as well. It is so funny that my daughter…was saying to me as she was flipping through the book that it is so cool to have this to pass down to her daughters. I had never thought of it like that when I was writing it. I thought, ‘That is pretty cool. I can pass it down my daughters with life lessons to go by that their grandmother taught me.'”

Kim and Kyle Richards, and their older sister Kathy Hilton, were raised mostly by their mom after she divorced Ken Richards. Kathleen managed her young daughters as they worked as child stars, and Kyle recently pitched her real-life childhood as a TV pilot. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the project, based on Kyle’s real life growing up as a child star in the 1970s, was recently picked up by TV Land. The series will focus on a 40-year-old single mom named Bonnie Nolan who’s coming out of a failed marriage with no means to support her three daughters.

But Kyle has made it clear that her mom worked hard for her money. Kyle came to her mother’s defense after an explosive Real Housewives of Beverly Hills storyline centered on the Richards family’s home in Palm Desert, which became the center of a squabble between the sisters. On her blog for Bravo, Kyle said the home was not paid for by her successful sibling’s high-profile career as a child star in Disney movies and on TV shows in the ’70s.

“To the people that imply my sister solely paid for the home with her childhood earnings is an insult to my mom,” Kyle wrote. “My parents moved to Los Angeles before I was born and built a beautiful home here in Bel Air. Once my parents divorced, yes, Kim worked. So did I… Our Mom was our manager and worked her butt off to run my sisters and I around to audition after audition and juggled with my grandmother between the studios with Kim and me.”

As executor of her mother’s trust, Kyle honored her wish to hold on to the house for 10 years before selling it.

“I think that was because it was so hard to face dying and think of all her most prized possessions longer being a part of our lives as well,” Kyle explained. “It was difficult, because it was very sentimental to all of us. ”

You can see Kyle Richards getting the message from her mom in the video below.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]