Andi Dorfman, Kaitlyn Bristowe, And JoJo Fletcher Cheer On Sarah Herron’s Challenge To Chad Johnson

Sarah Herron has issued a challenge to Chad Johnson. On Wednesday morning, the morning after the premiere episode of Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 aired, during which Chad called Sarah names and made fun of her for having only one full arm, Sarah tweeted to Chad that if he’s really sorry, he can make a charitable donation to her nonprofit SheLift. Chad lashed out at Sarah after she dared to call him out on his abusive and misogynistic behavior.

Three women who are on Sarah’s side are the stars of the three previous TheBachelorette seasons: Andi Dorfman, Kaitlyn Bristowe, and JoJo Fletcher.

You go girl,” Andi tweeted in response to Sarah’s tweet.

Kaitlyn showed her support by re-tweeting Sarah’s tweet, as did JoJo.

Both Andi and Kaitlyn recently hung out with Sarah Herron. The three took part in a Bachelor episode of Celebrity Family Feud, which aired Sunday night.

JoJo, of course, has quite some personal experience with Chad, since he competed for her on the latest Bachelorette season, the finale of which aired on Monday night. During that season, Chad made quite the impression on his fellow contestants and the show’s viewers thanks to his odd and questionable behavior, which included eating huge amounts of meat and working out all the time, confidence and ego. Chad stirred up even more controversy when he began threatening some of the other men, such as Evan Bass and Jordan Rodgers. When Alex Woytkiw, who also clashed with Chad, told JoJo during a two-on-one date that Chad threatened to find Jordan after the show finishes filming, JoJo finally confronted Chad. When he admitted to making violent threats but said that he did so only in response to being pushed to that point, JoJo said that wasn’t an excuse and sent him home.

That wasn’t the end of Chad. As Alex and JoJo continued on their date, he paid the rest of the men, who were at the vacation cabin, a final visit. During that visit, he lashed out at the other men for not giving him a chance from the get-go. When Jordan offered a handshake to Chad, Chad gripped his hand so hard that Jordan commented that he knew what Chad was trying to do. As viewers saw on Monday night’s finale, JoJo ended up getting engaged to Jordan.

During the live After the Final Rose special that aired afterwards, Chad Johnson continued to go after Jordan Rodgers. He claimed that Jordan, a former pro football player, went on the show for just for fame and that his true aim is to be broadcaster. JoJo shut Chad down by saying that he just wants attention and that she wasn’t going to give him any.

As it turns out, Jordan does now have a new job as a sports broadcaster. On Tuesday, he revealed that he has joined the SEC Network as a college football studio analyst.

When someone said that the new job shows that Jordan really was on The Bachelorette for fame, another person pointed out that Jordan got the job offer before the dating show started filming.

In the press announcement, ESPN Senior Vice President Stephanie Druley actually said that they interviewed Jordan and had him audition before The Bachelorette, which began filming around mid-March, began airing.

“We began planning for the upcoming college football season in February and Jordan was one of our first calls…We first interviewed Jordan in March and he auditioned in May, before The Bachelorette had begun airing.”

As the premiere episode of Bachelor in Paradise aired, a viewer asked JoJo Fletcher what she thought of Chad’s behavior on the spin-off. JoJo replied that she hadn’t watched the episode yet but hoped that Chad wasn’t messing with her girls.

The third season of the spin-off features many of the women from Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor, in which JoJo ended up being the second runner-up. There are the twins Emily and Haley Ferguson, Amanda Stanton, Jubilee Sharpe, Lace Morris, and Izzy Goodkind. A preview of the entire season shows that Caila Quinn, who was the third runner-up for Ben behind JoJo and winner Lauren Bushnell, will also be seen in paradise.

As for the men, many come from JoJo Fletcher’s season. Besides the aforementioned Chad Johnson, the cast includes Evan Bass, Grant Kemp, Daniel Maguire, Vinny Ventiera, and Wells Adams. The premiere episode also showed Nick Viall and Jared Haibon, from Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season. Nick, the runner-up on Kaitlyn’s season, was actually also the runner-up on the previous Bachelorette season that starred Andi Dorfman.

Neither Kaitlyn nor Andi have tweeted about Nick’s appearance on the spin-off. Perhaps they talked about Nick, with whom Kaitlyn also had sex with during her season, and his appearance on the spin-off when they filmed Celebrity Family Feud together?

Andi, in particular, hasn’t responded to the questions viewers have left for her on her Instagram page about the upcoming feud that viewers will see between Nick and Josh Murray. A preview for the Bachelor in Paradise season shows that Josh also shows up to paradise and will again clash with Nick, going so far as getting into a tense argument with him and pursuing the same woman, Amanda Stanton. Previously, during Andi’s season, Josh clashed with Nick before beating him in the end for Andi’s hand. Josh then publicly lashed out at Nick when he revealed during the live After the Final Rose special that he and Andi had sex during their fantasy suite date.

After the preview aired, Josh tweeted that the cat is out of the bag.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, when Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season finale aired, showing that Nick Viall once again lost, this time to Shawn Booth, Andi Dorfman tweeted that as much as she doesn’t care for Nick, she doesn’t wish a broken heart on anyone.

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