Judge Gives Amanda Bynes Two Options: ‘Clean Up Your Act Or Go To Jail’

What happened to you, Amanda Bynes?

Several bizarre allegations have popped up surrounding the actress, then former actress, then actress again, then former actress again in recent weeks. She’s staring down two hit-and-run charges, an earlier arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence, a suspended license, possible drug use, and several other allegations of straight-up oddball behavior including locking herself in a dressing room for almost two hours and taking off her shirt to adjust her makeup in a spin class.

She insisted on her innocence in a recent interview with People, telling the mag “I am doing amazing,” and saying that the allegations against her are way overblown.

But Bynes is definitely in some kind of trouble and her antics, which recall a young Lindsay Lohan, do not amuse the judge presiding over her case.

Prosecutors in the case against Bynes asked Judge Elden Fox for a $50,000 bail on the actress in light of her more recent legal mishaps, but the judge denied the motion, reports MSN.

“Technically, Ms. Bynes is not in violation of [an] order not to drive without a valid driver’s license,” Judge Fox stated regarding Bynes’ most hit-and-run charge on August 4 when she was still technically allowed to drive.

Still, Judge Fox issued Bynes a stern warning: If she doesn’t get her act together and is pulled over by traffic cops yet again, a $50,000 bail bond will be the least of her worries, and she’ll be staring down stricter punishment.

Bynes will stand trial for the DUI and hit-and-run charges on October 29. Until then, a personal plea: Come back to us, Amanda. We love you!