'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers For November 29: An Overdue Reunion For Lucas, And Sami Sets Up A Terrible Replay

With Will back in Salem, it was only a matter of time until he crossed paths with Lucas on Days of Our Lives. Since thinking he had seen his son in Memphis, only to be convinced it wasn't Will, Lucas has been drowning his memories with booze.

As the credits rolled on November 28, Lucas had just opened his eyes to see Will's face, while elsewhere in Salem, Sami had been summoned by the thugs she had sent to round up Ben Weston. The stage was set for an intense show for November 29 on Days of Our Lives.

According to Soaphub, Lucas is overjoyed to see Will. Having buried him two years ago, Lucas has struggled with the loss of his only son. When he learned there was a possibility that Will could be alive, he was almost afraid to dream it could be true. The disappointment of not finding Will in Memphis was more than Lucas could handle, and he has been staying to himself since returning to Salem. Now that he finally knows that his son is alive, he will have to deal with Will not remembering him -- or anyone else for that matter.

Sami believes she has a plan to help Will get his memory back. She plans to have crazy Ben Weston reenact the killing of Will. Of course, this is a terrible plan and won't go the way Sami thinks. With Will already wondering if she is a monster, based on the things he has learned about her, she has chosen a risky move.

Kate is dealing with tons of guilt over Theo being shot and paralyzed. She knows that she played a huge role in the tragedy and is struggling with the guilt. Spoilers for Days of Our Lives share that she will turn to her husband, Andre, and make a confession. Only time will tell if she can trust him to keep her secret, however.

Rafe and Hope have had a rough relationship lately. That will only get worse on November 29, when Hope reacts to the news that Rafe is her replacement as commissioner. Spoilers tell us there are some rocky times ahead for the couple on Days of Our Lives.

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