WWE News: Kevin Owens Challenges Mick Foley To Verbal Jousts & A Possible Match

The best thing about the WWE Draft and brand extension is the opportunities that WWE Superstars will be able to have as a part of Raw and SmackDown. There is more focus on WWE’s performers and a lot of talent will be given the chance to succeed, and WWE television is going to be forced to push new faces, create new stars, and have fresh matches on weekly programming.

For example, someone like Kevin Owens, who has done so much in such a short amount of time will be able to get the chance to main event Raw and become a WWE World Champion when that opportunity would have been much more difficult to achieve before WWE’s brand extension.

However, the brand extension has given some WWE Superstars of the past the opportunity to be back on WWE programming again. For example, Shelton Benjamin will have a second chance in WWE, and WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley can return to be Raw’s General Manager in a role that is tailor-made for him.

Could Mick Foley Have One More Match Left in Him
Mick Foley returning to WWE weekly television not only gives him the chance to promote “Holy Foley,” which will air after WWE Summerslam in a few weeks, but The Hardcore Legend can also interact and give guidance to an entirely new generation of WWE Superstars as Raw’s General Manager. However, there is one man who doesn’t want any advice from Mick Foley.

During a recent interview with The National in Abu Dhabi to promote WWE Summerslam, Kevin Owens shared his feelings about WWE’s brand extension, if he’s earned main event level and stays on Raw, and said the following about challenging Foley.

“I don’t know if I am going to able to take much from him in terms of advice or anything like that but I am looking forward to our verbal jousts as unfortunately, we will never be able to get in the ring together because I don’t think he’d be able to walk out. I guess in a way it is a challenge so if Mick hears this and he is up for it and up to proving me wrong I am all for it.”

Kevin Owens Challenges Mick Foley to a Match
Four years ago, there were plans for Mick Foley to face a young Dean Ambrose, who was still in NXT at the time. That match was being planned for WWE Summerslam, but WWE doctors refused to medically clear Foley for the match, so the feud was scrapped. That was four years ago, Foley looks better now than he has in a long time, but a return to the ring is very unlikely.

A few years ago, Foley vs. Owens would have been an amazing feud because both men have a similar build, their in-ring skills and psychology would be a good fit, and both men can speak on the microphone. Even now, having “verbal jousts” as Owens put it would be a lot of fun, especially with Foley as the General Manager of Raw.

It’s unlikely WWE would even try to test Foley to see if he could physically do a match at 51-years-old with his health concerns. Not to mention, there haven’t even been any rumors about Foley wanting to get back into the ring for a match. He hasn’t had a match for four or five years, so getting into the ring with Kevin Owens would be the smartest thing for him to do.

Unfortunately, Foley vs. Owens will have to remain a dream match in the minds of the WWE Universe. Owens laying down the challenge makes for an interesting thought, but there could be too many factors ever to make it a reality in a WWE ring. Foley and Owens can have some fun on the microphone, which could do wonders for Kevin Owens as a main event star in WWE.

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