Tory Lanez Album: Here’s What He ‘Didn’t’ Tell You

Tory Lanez’s album is one of the most anticipated projects of 2016. However, there are hidden gems about the album. To gain insider knowledge, continue reading below.

In the new album by Tory Lanez, I Told You, the rapper/singer plans to set new standards for the industry.

Already, Tory’s songs have a way have capturing his listening audience in almost a trance-like state.

And now, the anticipation is constantly growing for Tory Lanez’s album release date of August 19.

So, what other artists will appear on Lanez’s I Told You album? Well, for one, there probably won’t be any artists you’ve heard before — unless you frequent the underground.

According to a recent interview with the VIP Lounge via 106 KMEL, Tory Lanez basically told Shay Diddy that he’s not going to have any major artists on this album.

“It’s not going to be anybody famous…it’s not even really going to be anybody. But, if there is anybody…you probably won’t know the people yet.”

Tory Lanez mentions that it’s not about everyone else.

In elaboration, Lanez says that a lot of people use features as a special tactic.

“A lot of artists do that because they need ‘crutches’,” says Tory. “They need something to keep them alive… I don’t need that. I’m like one of those dudes who organically have talent. Of course, it’s a blessing from God. But…it’s one of those situations where I don’t need the ‘extra people’, and I want the world to see that.”

If you’re interested in watching the Tory Lanez interview concerning his I Told You album, the video is below.

If you’ve ever experienced the atmosphere at a Tory Lanez’s concert, you know the singer is socially-centric. With that said, Tory wants his album to show greatness on his own merit.

“You know, when the ‘greats of all-time’ put out their first albums, it wasn’t a thousand features on it,” explains Lanez. “And I’m on of the greats in my eyes.”

However, Tory Lanez’s I Told You album isn’t one of cockiness, according to him.

Essentially, Tory Lanez wants his audience, and the rest of the world, to know that he’s not egotistic or cocky. Even hostess Shay Diddy expressed her commendation regarding Tory’s confidence.

Released as a single from Tory’s album, “Say It” is a song that has already gone platinum, according to Vibe. So, Shay asked Lanez if he felt like he was finally at that place to say, “I’m that dude.” Here was Tory Lanez’s response.

“I kinda feel like I was that dude all my life, regardless,” the Toronto artist said with a smirk. Lanez further states that he wasn’t meaning that he’s cocky about it.

However, he elaborates that it’s all in his confidence.

“I know why I’m here,” says Tory Lanez. “I know why I was placed in music, and it’s not by coincidence.”

Although Lanez’s “Say It” is platinum, he mentions that it was the first song done for Interscope Records. Yet, Tory notes that “that was just one song.”

Concerning “hits,” Tory Lanez had plenty more in his repertoire long before his platinum-selling song with the entertainment company.

Nevertheless, still along the topic of I Told You‘s “Say It,” Lanez states that Kanye West wanted to purchase the song’s beat for himself.

When Lanez was asked if he knew whether Kanye had completed a remix, he responded as follows.

“I honestly don’t know what he did in the privacy of his own home, but I never heard that song. Maybe one day I’ll meet him, and he really will have the record. But, I do know that he did request it. At least, that’s what his camp came to our camp and said. I was happy about that.”

Do you feel that Tory Lanez’s album will be as exceptional as the singer/rapper depicts? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Photo by Jack Plunkett/AP Images]