‘The Walking Dead’ Star Jeffrey Dean Morgan Talks Negan Vs. Governor

The Walking Dead big bad Negan, who is portrayed by Jeffery Dean Morgan, may just have a little more of an advantage than the Governor had way back in Seasons 3 and 4. At least, that is how Morgan views it and according to him, there really is only one answer to that burning question, “Who would win in a battle between the Governor and Negan,” assuming that the Governor were still alive of course.

If there is one thing that The Walking Dead likes to do with its episodes and characters, it’s to create such intense storylines that sometimes people forget that the show actually has zombies in it. It’s almost as if these characters are fighting a post-apocalyptic war in which both sides have to stop every so often to kill the monsters. Oh wait, it’s exactly like that!

So in The Walking Dead, fans have a core group. This is a group that everyone has come to love and admire for one reason or another. But in the early days of the series, that core group was not all that different than any of the other groups that you have encountered on The Walking Dead. They are just the ones that you have been following from the beginning, and if they do something bad, then you know it is for a good reason.

Therein lies the real cliffhanger in The Walking Dead. It forces us to reconcile our feelings at some point and wonder if Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Carol, Sasha, Abraham, Carl, Maggie or Glenn have done some things that might have looked to be a bit ominous if we had been following the Saviors from the beginning. Would the actions of the core group have seemed so pure and well intended if The Walking Dead fans had been following them from beginning?

So when we take an opportunity to weigh in on the big bads that come up on The Walking Dead, we also need to consider what the story looks like from the other side of the battle lines. As they always say, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

But there is a specific question that fans of The Walking Dead have wondered about all summer long, and that is whether or not Negan is eviler and more intense than the Governor. In the event that they were to do battle against one another, who would win?

Well, Jeffrey Dean Morgan got a chance to weigh in on that question when he sat down with Entertainment Weekly, and he gave The Walking Dead fans some unique insight into what that would look like.

“It’s not even close,” Jeffery Dean Morgan told Entertainment Weekly while sporting a devilish grin. “I mean, I love David Morrissey, but he wouldn’t stand a chance. Wouldn’t stand a chance. I’d put Negan up against anybody. He’s super smart and there’s no filter, no fear. The Governor was a little bit wack. Negan’s got it together. It wouldn’t even be close. And I’m sorry, ’cause I really love David. He’s awesome. I worked with him for a year and there’s just not a better guy. But Negan versus the Governor wouldn’t be close.”

AMC has really cashed in on The Walking Dead, and they have done that by making sure that not everything that takes place in the comic book plays out the same way on the show. But there really was no chance that the Governor and Negan could have overlapped on The Walking Dead.

During the Governor’s reign down in Georgia, he was dead set on maintaining his community. It was everything to him, and there was no way that he would have relocated anywhere near Alexandria.

At the same time on The Walking Dead, Negan was busy pulling together the area all around Alexandria and ultimately building a kingdom that he could tax and rule over. The timelines would have been slightly okay for them to overlap, but the geography would have never allowed for it.

[Image via AMC]