Kate Middleton Look-Alike Makes $1000 Per Appearance, Won’t Pose Topless

heidi agan

A Kate Middleton look-alike has quit her waitress job at a burger joint in order to imitate the Duchess of Cambridge full time.

According to the Daily Mail, Heidi Agan, 32, decided to leave her £6 (about $9) an hour job at Frankie and Benny’s after several customers told her that she has a strong resemblance to the Duchess. Agan is now making £650 (about $1000) an appearance as a professional Kate Middleton look-alike.

Agan said:

“People would come in and point at me and say ‘that’s her.’ I’ve had other people come up to me during jobs convinced I’m Kate. When my daughter sees her in a magazine she points and says ‘there you are mummy.'”

Agan has re-created some of Midleton’s most famous looks. She’s posed in a white wedding dress and the blue Issa dress Kate was wearing when she announced her engagement to Prince William.

Middleton’s most famous look, however, seems to be the naked photos that were published by various magazines earlier this month. Agan said that she’s hasn’t been asked yet but she’s already decided not to pose topless.

Agan said:

“I felt really bad for Kate when the photos were published as she was on a private trip with her husband… If someone had done that to me I would go to the police. She and William don’t get any time out and they were just trying to be a normal couple. It’s a terrible invasion of their privacy. I haven’t been asked to go topless on any of the jobs yet – and I certainly wouldn’t do it because I’m a mum-of-two!”

Agan has, however, received a few strange requests. One, according to the Daily Mail, was to play twister with a look-alike Prince William and a Queen doppleganger.

Agan said:

“It’s a huge difference from working in a restaurant and it pays better. It’s a really fun job as I’m doing something different every day.”

What do you think of the new Kate Middleton look-alike?

kate middleton

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