‘Gilmore Girls’ Spoilers: Is Rory Or Lorelai Pregnant?

Gilmore Girls fans have been bursting with excitement ever since it was announced that the beloved TV show would be making a triumphant return to Netflix.

This week, fans of the show are freaking out even more about some not-so-subtle spoiler hints that may have just revealed that one of the Gilmore Girls is pregnant, and the proof may have been right in front of viewers faces the whole time.

According to WetPaint, a photo on the official Gilmore Girls Instagram account has everyone talking about one of the women being pregnant. Could Rory or Lorelai welcome a child during the Netflix revival?

The post seems innocent enough, but die-hard fans quickly spotted the symbolism behind it. In the snapshot, fans see newspaper, a Netflix mug filled with coffee, and the usual Gilmore Girls breakfast, sugary Pop-Tarts. However, in the middle of the toaster pastries is a red apple. The apple doesn’t seem out of place, but viewers know that Lorelai hates apples, and revealed during a past episode that the only time she ever craved them was when she was pregnant with Rory. In fact, Rory doesn’t like the fruit, either.

Gilmore Girls spoilers: Is Rory or Lorelai pregnant?
This could mean that Lorelai is pregnant with another child, or that Rory is pregnant with her first baby, and suffers from the same fruit pregnancy cravings as her mother did. However, another Gilmore Girls spoiler theory has fans wondering if both mother and daughter could possibly be pregnant at the same time.

Last week, the first teaser trailer was revealed for the revival. In the quirky clip, both Rory and Lorelai are sitting at the kitchen table, and their stomachs are not showing. This could be a coincidence, but a big hint is written all over Lorelai’s shirt, which reads “I’m with human.”

Actor Scott Peterson, who plays Lorelai’s love, Luke, recently said that the couple’s relationship is “really ramped up and the stakes are much higher.” It seems safe to say that a pregnancy and baby would raise the stakes in any relationship, and fans will definitely be watching to see if someone drops a huge baby announcement during the show.

Meanwhile, viewers won’t be seeing multiple episodes as in the earlier days of the Gilmore Girls. Netflix has revived the show under the subtitle A Year In The life, and the series will consist of four 90-minute episodes that follow each season of the year — winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life spoilers -- Is someone pregnant?
E! Online recently reported that fans will see the show pick up with Rory living in London, and returning home to Stars Hollow and her mother. Rory seemed to do everything right by going to college, getting a career, and yet she feels that her life just isn’t quite whole. Part of the problem is said to be that Rory got into the newspaper business as it was being edged out by online media, executive producer Amy Sherman-Palladino revealed.

“Because the world is changing now, I think that’s something that a lot of 30-something, very well educated kids are going through, because they’re turning around going, wait a minute, I did it! Why am I not getting where I need to go?”

Palladino also revealed that there are no solid plans to bring the show back for another set of episodes yet, but that it may be something to look forward to in the future.

“It is what it is right now. We put this together, we told these stories, and now we throw them out into the universe, but like I’ve said, when it comes to your family, you never fix your s**t.”

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life will premiere on Netflix on Friday, November 25.

[Image via Netflix]