‘Guild Wars 2’ Now Available For Mac OS X

Gamers who own a Mac computer finally have news they can celebrate, with the announcement of the availability of Guild Wars 2 for the Mac OS X. The beta version of the client was released yesterday and it is offered free to all purchasers of the Guild Wars 2 game.

The game’s developer, ArenaNet, was quite excited to break the good news to the Mac community. They posted the following information on the Guild Wars 2 website:

“Today we’re happy to announce another major milestone in the development of Guild Wars 2: going forward, ArenaNet will also be supporting the game on Apple’s Mac OS X. The Mac Beta client is available immediately for all Guild Wars 2 players. It shares the same features and connects to the same live game servers as the PC client. Anyone who purchases Guild Wars 2 can now play it on both PC and Mac.”

“Bringing Guild Wars 2 to the Mac is huge for us, because it introduces the game to an entire group of players who are often ignored by game developers. The ability to play together with your friends is one of the underlying principles of Guild Wars 2, and providing a Mac client means that friends and guildmates can play together regardless of what operating system they favor.”

Many avid gamers who own Macs have long complained that they are overlooked by the online gaming industry. It takes additional resources and extends the development time of a game to make it available for the Mac OS and some developers find it easier to simply pass up any potential revenue they may gain from making their games playable on non-Windows systems.

Since the release of Guild Wars 2 for the Mac is still in the beta stage, Arena Net added the following caution to their announcement:

“Keep in mind as you play the Mac Beta that it is a beta product. Performance and system requirements aren’t finalized. Review the beta hardware specification, and understand that your overall experience will be better when we release the final version. Even though it’s a beta, the Mac client does connect to the same live environment that the PC client connects to.”

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