Justin Bieber & Charlie Puth Clash Again: Secret Rivalry Over Selena Gomez?

Justin Bieber and Charlie Puth have several common interests, including Selena Gomez and music. Despite that (or perhaps precisely because of those commonalities), the two have clashed on several occasions. And now, once again, Puth is making a point of throwing shade at Bieber, noted Radio.com.

The feud heated up earlier this year when Charlie swore on stage about the Biebs.

“F— you Justin Bieber!” screamed Puth.

Now, in the latest part of the ongoing Charlie versus Justin war, Puth is taking time to diss the “Sorry” singer once more. Only this time, the battle is being fought on the social media front.

It began when Bieber headed to Instagram to serve up words of wisdom on writing songs.

“If u write music take notes from the greatest writer to ever do it Jason Boyd aka Poo bear,” recommended Justin.

Bieber seemed motivated only to show his appreciation for his Purpose music collaborator. But something struck the wrong chord with Charlie, because Puth then turned to Twitter to disagree, making a point of beginning his message in a way that mimicked Justin’s Instagram post.

“If you write music…write from the heart. You don’t take notes, you hear them.”

As the war heated up again, some fans offered up their own views.

“charlie puth jealous of justin bieber because you are better than him you are the king of pop,” wrote a Belieber on Justin’s Instagram page.

But is there something beyond jealousy over music going on?

Some Bieber fans responded to Charlie on Twitter by suggesting that he is jealous of Justin’s relationship with Selena, even though their on-again, off-again romance currently appears to be in an “off” phase.

“truth is… he’s prolly in love with selena and is mad cause justin had her meanwhile the only thing he’ll ever get is a kiss,” commented one fan.

“you’re not as talented as the king of pop Justin Bieber and that’s why Selena won’t date you. Legends date LEGENDS ONLY,” dissed another Belieber.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber smile at each other before their split.
Also contributing to the speculation that Charlie is furious with Bieber over Gomez, Gossip Cop noted that Puth may be attempting to cope with his feelings toward Selena by lashing out at the Biebs.

Puth has sent out mixed messages about his views. After he screamed “F**k you, Justin Bieber” during a May concert, he did subsequently express his apologies on Twitter. He even sent out some praise for Justin. But then Charlie negated the apology and praise by deleting every tweet that was positive about the Biebs.

Is Selena Gomez causing a feud between Justin Bieber and Charlie Puth?
The intrigue about Puth’s relationship with and feelings toward Gomez does not end on social media, however. Selena and Charlie worked together on his breakup tune, “We Don’t Talk Anymore.”

But now that Puth has unveiled the official music video for “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” there’s speculation about why duet partner Selena did not even get a cameo, noted MTV News.

Rather than Gomez, a mysterious woman takes on the role of Charlie’s lost love. A split screen offers a way to show how each reacts to the heartache of a split.

Puth and Gomez teamed up to showcase the song as a duet on her Revival tour just last month. But he sang “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” which ranks as the newest single from his debut album, Nine Track Mind, without Selena at the Teen Choice Awards.

When a fan questioned Charlie about the absence of Selena in the video, he explained. Well, sort of.

“Why there isn’t @selenagomez on the video of #WeDontTalkAnymore??? @charlieputh I was so expecting your collab in a video,” asked the follower on Twitter.

“because we don’t talk anymore,” tweeted back Puth.

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