Brian Wilson Scooter Ride Shows Unusual Commute For Eccentric Pitcher

Brian Wilson’s scooter ride to work is nothing new for the eccentric San Francisco Giants pitcher.

Wilson was photographed riding his scooter en route to AT&T Park on Friday, sfist reported. The picture of the dark-bearded relief pitcher riding on a scooter probably seems unusual to the casual fan, but anyone who has followed Brian Wilson knows that his commute to work is par for the course.

That’s because Brian Wilson is a pretty weird guy.

As ThePostGame noted:

At this point, it’s hard to be surprised by anything Brian Wilson does. After all, he is the man who wore a Spandex tuxedo to the ESPYs and is filming a talk show series with Sasquatch.

Brian Wilson did more than hint at a talk show with Bigfoot — he actually brought one to the ESPYs. In a follow-up to his Spandex tuxedo, the pitcher actually brought a fully dressed Sasquatch to this year’s awards. The costume looked pretty similar to the title character from the movie Harry and the Hendersons.

The Brian Wilson scooter picture was snapped by Stephen Goldblatt and posted on Instagram. It shows Wilson cruising around the city of San Francisco on a motorized scooter on his way to the ballpark.

The blog sfist noted that he’s sporting special Back to the Future II sneakers, ones that sold $7,000 on eBay and Nike flew to Wilson directly. Sharp-eyed baseball fans may have noticed the sneakers before — Brian Wilson wore them in the dugout in a game between the Giants and the New York Mets.

The Brian Wilson scooter ride may not have gone over too well with the Giants’ front office. The pitcher has been out for most of the season after having Tommy John surgery, and its likely that his team would prefer he use safer and more conventional forms of transportation from now on.

Brian Wilson Scooter Picture Shows Unusual Commute For Eccentric Pitcher