Bath And Body Works Coupon: Fraudulent $50 Coupon Shared On Facebook Confusing Consumers

A fraudulent Bath and Body Works coupon is spreading on Facebook like a trending wildfire, but it’s not exactly what it seems.

The Bath and Body Works coupon, which allegedly offers the store’s customers $50 off of their purchase, is actually a fraudulent voucher that was not authorized by the company.

bath and body works coupon

As seen from the image of the popular yet fraudulent Bath and Body Works coupon, it looks like an authentic and legitimate offer. It has the official Bath and Body Works company logo. It also has several popular social media icons to create the illusion that you can get in contact with the company about the offer. However, the unauthorized offer is advertised on neither the company website nor the official Facebook page.

The expiration date of August 15, 2016, creates a sense of urgency, which explains why there are so many people sharing this Bath and Body Works coupon with their friends and family members via social media. There is even a bar code and “in-store use only” statement that may convince consumers to print the offer off for themselves and try to redeem it a local Bath and Body Works location. Sadly, if you did print this Bath and Body Works coupon and take it to the store, you may suffer an embarrassing situation when you are told that it is not a valid offer.

Bath and Body Works coupon

What are the red flags that prove it’s a fraudulent offer? As mentioned above, this Bath and Body Works coupon is not promoted or advertised on either of the company’s official marketing sites. However, that is just the first red flag!

The second red flag is in reference to the company’s alleged “celebration.” As shown in the heading of the posted Bath and Body Works coupon, the company is celebrating its 25th anniversary, which is why it is allegedly giving away these $50 vouchers on social media. The problem is that Bath and Body Works is not celebrating its 25th anniversary.

The first Bath and Body Works location opened in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in September of 1990, according to Racked. This means the company has already celebrated its 25th anniversary and is nearly one month away from its 26th anniversary.

Another red flag comes from the website link advertised on the fraudulent Bath and Body Works coupon. In most legitimate cases, the corresponding website link will direct customers to the company’s official website. At the very least, it will direct traffic to an authorized affiliate.

bath and body works coupon

The website link that comes with this fraudulent $50 coupon, though, doesn’t go anywhere near the Bath and Body Works website. On the contrary, the link directs consumers to an online survey with several questions on different screens, creating the illusion that you will receive the coupon after completing the short survey.

Bath and Body Works is not the first company that became a targeted business for these fraudulent coupons circulating on Facebook. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, even Regal Cinemas has become a target, allegedly offering free tickets within the popular social media platform.

Bath and Body Works offers a number of great deals and savings opportunities through the company’s official website and social media channels. Even though they may not be as good as taking $50 off of your total purchase as with the fraudulent Bath and Body Works coupon, at least they are authentic and 100 percent legitimate. When it comes to finding great deals on the internet and social media, it’s always best to do some research and make sure the offer is legitimate before getting your hopes up too high or sharing the offer with other people.

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