‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Maxie Confronts Claudette, Morgan Surprises Kiki, And Franco Scrambles As He Faces Tough Questions

What is coming up on Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers tease that relationships will be tested in interesting ways and big questions will be asked. What can everybody expect from the August 3 show?

Viewers will be quite excited to see Kristen Storms back in the role of Maxie beginning with Wednesday’s show. Storms had to take a brief leave of absence to deal with some health issues, and the timing, unfortunately, meant that her stand-in, Molly Burnett, was the “Maxie” who initially faced off with Claudette.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Nathan will take Claudette to the hospital to have her injury checked out, and it will not take long for Maxie to track them down and confront Claudette. She questions whether Nathan’s ex-wife will ever just go away and leave them alone, and fans know that Claudette doesn’t plan to do anything of the sort.

It also looks as if Claudette run cross paths with Griffin and this should be juicy. Will Maxie or Nathan be there to see the two interact and realize that Griffin is connected to her? General Hospital spoilers tease that as Maxie and Nathan reconnect, he will push her to start getting more serious about their wedding plans. From the sounds of things, she will do just that, as they will have news to share later in the week.

Kiki has reunited with Morgan, but it has not been an entirely smooth process. General Hospital spoilers detail that he is about to make a grand gesture to her, but as We Love Soaps shares, she is going to be feeling quite worried about him. Kiki seemingly wonders if Morgan might be having another manic episode, and if she voices this to him, he is surely going to be quite upset and rattled.

Dillon is still quite hung up on Kiki, and General Hospital spoilers note that he will be doing quite a bit of moping around during the next show. SheKnows Soaps indicates that he will be opening up to Valerie about the disappointment he is experiencing, and it seems that he will be talking with Lucy at some point as well.

Will they tell Dillon to pick himself up and find a new romantic interest, or will he continue to hope for another shot with Kiki? In general, fans seem to want to see Kiki move on from Morgan, and many liked the chemistry she shared with Dillon. However, spoilers hint that this complicated triangle may continue for a bit yet.

Franco is suspected of being involved in the recent patient murders, and Jordan took him in for questioning. General Hospital spoilers share that he will ask Scott to represent him, and he will be asking his father if he believes in his innocence. There will also be some talk about Franco, Nina, and Elizabeth, as Scott will share his opinion that Nina is a better match for his son than Elizabeth is.

Elizabeth has defended Franco in the past, but will she continue to do that as he faces questions at the police station and the evidence against him builds? General Hospital spoilers hint that Griffin will be asking her some pointed questions as word spreads about the latest death and his possible connection to the murders, as Griffin wonders whether Franco could actually be the killer.

Wednesday’s episode brings some fun moments with Scott and Lucy together, as they will share some drinks with one another. This should bring some entertaining banter, and the buzz is that these two may take things beyond just a few drinks together. Even if Scott and Lucy do hook up at this point, her attention will surely be swayed as Kevin and the rest of the crew head back to Port Charles soon after the wild adventure on Cassadine Island.

Could Franco be responsible for the recent deaths, or is someone setting him up to look guilty? Will Elizabeth continue to grow closer to him, or will she ultimately pull away from this romance? Where are things headed next for Claudette, Maxie, Griffin, and Nathan in the episodes ahead? General Hospital spoilers tease that the chaos continues in the coming episodes, and viewers will not want to miss what is on the way next.

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