‘Z Nation’ Movie To Kick Off The New Season [Spoilers]

Fans of this fun and quirky series have been patiently waiting for news on when Z Nation would return. Dan Merchant, co-executive producer and director for Z Nation, posted to his Facebook page that for the third season of Z Nation, there will be what is described as a two-hour flashback movie event on September 16. Filming of Z Nation resumed in May, and there will be 15 episodes, with the season premiere of Z Nation set for September 23 on the Syfy channel.

The movie idea is a stroke of genius and, depending on its success, could become something other shows quickly pick up on and emulate. According to Horror Fuel, the Z Nation movie will take place before the previous season’s finale, and fans will discover more about who the Z Nation gang’s next nemesis will be.

“We’re starting with what I like to refer to as a version of a Doctor Who Christmas special, we’re starting with a little Apocalypse special,” teased Anastasia Baranova (aka Addy). “We’re going back in time…I won’t say when, but we are going back in time to some time. Basically there’s a story in and of itself, but it also sets up what happens in Season 3.”

After last season’s finale of Z Nation, TV Insider shared that series creator and showrunner Karl Schaefer revealed that there will be several new twists and turns coming up for Murphy (Keith Allan) and the rest of the Z Nation survivors.

“Our show is all built on unpredictability, so you really have no idea what’s going to happen next,” Schaefer teased. “I would say, as different as Season 2 was from Season 1, Season 3 will be that again. There will be lots of zombies and lots of gore, everything people come to a zombie show for, but the world is going to evolve again, as will Murphy. Murphy will look and behave in a whole new way.”

To recap last season’s finale of Z Nation, not everyone made it out alive, and 10K (Nat Zang) was missing. All that was left of the California base that the team had been heading for since the beginning of the series was a submarine. The submarine was blown up, but Murphy survived and ran off, creating a few more blended (half human and half zombie) people along the way to do his bidding. To make matters worse, at the end of the finale, Warren (Kellita Smith), Addy, Doc (Russell Hodgkinson), and their new team member Escorpion (Emilio Rivera) found themselves surrounded by soldiers.

Schaefer shared with TV Geek Talk that for the new season, Murphy goes off to raise his own army, and the Z Nation team is captured by soldiers who traveled from various Asian countries in order to find Murphy. The Z Nation group decides to work with a new doctor from Asia as they begin their search for Murphy.

Murphy’s plan for humanity becomes clearer on this season of Z Nation as well. He believes that Dr. Kurian (Donald Corren) was correct in his assumption that it will be the blended people who will survive. The zombies will eventually die out when there are few humans left to eat, and of course, the humans will die out because they’ll all eventually be infected.

Murphy has kidnapped Dr. Merch (Lisa Coronado) and, with her help, plans to make a very specific vaccine. He hopes to become more human himself and wants to create blends that are more human as well, but that are still under his control. The new blends will have more immunity but fewer side effects than the current blends. If successful, he hopes he will be able to save what’s left of the human race.

As for 10K, Z Nation fans can rest assured that he is alive, but something unexpected has happened to him. Citizen Z (DJ Qualls), who finally left the NSA’s Northern Light project, will return to Z Nation as well. His story will take an unexpected turn when it is revealed that the person walking toward him during last season’s finale turns out to be an Eskimo girl. Schaeffer also teased that Citizen Z may show up down in the lower 48 but isn’t promising anything.

Murphy’s daughter Lucy will be back on Z Nation, and she will continue to age quickly. When bounty hunters arrive on the scene to find Murphy and have no luck, they turn their attention toward Lucy. When her transformation is complete, it is anyone’s guess as to whether she will she be more human or more zombie.

“Oh, you’ll definitely see more of Lucy in season 3, but she’s going to continue to age quickly,” Schaefer said. “It’ll be an interesting X-factor that we’ll add to the new season. And, actually [Lucy] has a very dramatic, high jeopardy storyline with a lot of emotional impact on Murphy and the rest of the crew. She figures in big-time into season 3.”

Last season’s finale definitely set the stage for an exciting and riveting return of Murphy, Warren, Doc, and the rest of the Z Nation characters. Are you a fan of Z Nation? What do you think about the changes that are coming? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below.

[Image via SyFy]