Amy Winehouse’s Mom Says She Has No Regrets, Revisit Her Most Iconic Lyrics

Amy Winehouse’s mom says she has no regrets over her daughter’s death, according to People magazine. Janis Winehouse-Collins said that she witnessed Amy turn into a “stranger” in front of her.

Winehouse-Collins described in her recently released memoir titled Loving Amy: A Mother’s Story how she watched Amy Winehouse develop an alcohol and drug addiction. It was painful for the 60-year-old to watch the “Rehab” singer transform from a chirpy girl to a drug addict.

In her interview with People magazine, Winehouse-Collins shared she has no regrets over the death of her daughter. Amy Winehouse died on July 23, 2011, and her mother thinks it was the addiction that changed her.

“There was nothing I could have done that was different. She wasn’t the Amy that I know and brought up and that’s what was horrible.”

Winehouse-Collins, who married Richard Collins after Amy Winehouse’s death, suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and admitted she wanted to write the memoir while she still remembers. Just over five years ago, Amy died from alcohol poisoning, but her mother says she couldn’t help.

“I was helpless, that’s the worst part. You want to be there, but we are limited with what we can do.”

However, Amy Winehouse’s mother was always there for her, as she claims, adding that they regularly spoke on the phone.

To pay tribute to Amy, who died five years ago, Billboard has revisited the “Rehab” singer’s most iconic lyrics.

In “Back to Black,” Amy Winehouse sings about how difficult it is to let someone go and move on. In the track written by Amy and Mark Ronson, “I died a hundred times,” she sings, adding that she goes back to black.

In “Stronger Than Me,” Amy Winehouse addressed what it’s like dating someone who is older but is the immature one in the relationship. The song won the Ivor Novello songwriting award for Best Contemporary Song Musically and Lyrically.

“I always have to comfort you when I’m there, But that’s what I need you to do, stroke my hair, ’cause I’ve forgotten all of young love’s joy, Feel like a lady, and you my lady boy.”

In “Tears Dry on Their Own,” Amy Winehouse reminds the listeners that there are things you cannot control. But even though there are obstacles and challenges, it’s important to move on, hold your head high and find new motivations in life.

“He walks away, The sun goes down, He takes the day, But I’m grown, And in your way, In this blue shade, My tears dry on their own.”

In “Some Unholy War,” Amy Winehouse sings about how powerfully and emotionally motivated she is to stand by her man no matter what challenges they face. And by being together and facing the challenges together, she would give him strength and go through everything with him.

In her iconic “Rehab” song, which peaked at No. 9 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, Amy Winehouse offers to take a peek into her life, when her friends and family advised the singer to seek treatment for addiction. But Winehouse then thought she didn’t need to go to rehab, and that’s what she sings about in the song.

“They tried to make me go to rehab / I said, no, no, no / Yes, I been black / But when I come back, you’ll know, know, know.”

A report released several months after Amy Winehouse’s death explained that the singer’s blood alcohol content was 416 mg per 100 ml at the time of her death, which is over five times the legal drink-drive limit.

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