Whoopi Goldberg A Bully? ‘The View’ Moderator Goes On Full Out Twitter Rant After Rumors Swirl

Is Whoopi Goldberg a bully? That’s what some reports are claiming after sources say that she’s the reason behind Paula Faris getting axed from a full schedule at The View.

The Daily Mail claimed that Goldberg was the reason why Faris was axed from her regular schedule to just one day of airtime on The View. Originally, Faris was on The View from five days but has been cut back to one day at the table.

Sources said the devout-Christian co-host was axed due to Goldberg putting pressure on the network which airs The View. It’s assumed that Goldberg has plenty of power over at ABC.

According to a source over at The Daily Mail, Paula Faris didn’t take the news well at all and lost her cool backstage when she was told about the change two weeks ago.

‘The day they told Paula, she was livid. It was the first time anyone behind the scenes had ever seen her lose her cool. She yelled at the executives when they presented the information and said, “This is a bunch of bull!”

Witnesses said they heard her placing direct blame on Whoopi Goldberg, allegedly stating, “‘I know this is Whoopi’s doing.”

So, what does Whoopi Goldberg have to say about all of this? Well, the moderator of The View defended herself on Twitter as she has done in the past.

In a line of tweets, Goldberg disputed the report she was a mean girl, tweeting, “Contrary to what u might read in the I do NOT run ABC nor do I own or produce,not involved in hiring4 the View so don’t send ur resumes.”

She went on to tweet, “I’m not responsible 4 firing or moving people around or negotiating my coworkers contracts. I LIKE having a gig and as much as I’d like to Rule the entire universe, I have enough to do in my life than to take mean girl pleasure at some one else WRONGLY perceived change.”

Goldberg also hit back at the Daily Mail for its practices.

As the Inquisitr reported, there was a question of whether or not Goldberg would return to The View after the current season ends. In the past, she has dared ABC execs to fire her on air, but it sounds like Whoopi was happy with what ABC offered her because she signed a one-year extension to her contract.

After “months of speculation,” both parties agreed to a contract, which Goldberg confirmed on Twitter back in July.

This isn’t the first rumor that Goldberg is feuding with co-hosts. It was said that while she shared the table with Rosie O’Donnell, the two constantly battled each other behind the scenes. O’Donnell eventually left the show for the second time, citing that she wanted to focus on her family and keep her stress at bay. As for Goldberg, she has been the moderator of The View since 2007.

As for Paula Faris, she hasn’t commented on the matter via Twitter.

[Photo by AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster]